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Best Detachable Laptop [2016]

Tablet and notebook in one single machine, 2-in-1 detachable notebooks bring together best of both worlds. We have check out the latest from Acer, ASUS and HP to find out the best detachable laptop you can get on an affordable budget. ACER Switch 10E ...Read More

5 Best Slim Laptops in 2016

Laptops are becoming more innovative and diverse every year. Due to the huge selection of laptops that comes in various designs, prices and sizes, choosing which one to buy is kind of a hard choice. Spending a big amount of money to get an ...Read More

5 Best Laptop Brands

At most, people try to find the best for what they pay. By that, everything from their cellphone to their cars, they wanted to know which could be best suited for their needs without paying that much. For that, a simple list could help ...Read More

11 Windows 10 (Secret) Tips You Should Try

It’s been months now since Windows 10 launched, and the reaction of most of the users are: “Good, but…” Every user has their own “but’s”, whether its updates not working, hardware packing up or software mysteriously vanishing. As with previous versions of the operating system ...Read More