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Best Laptop for AutoCAD (2017)

Have you been trying out your luck with AutoCAD design? If you have then you probably noticed that this software do require quite a handful of hardware specifications. Not meeting the minimum requirement would entail less details and more lag in the performance. If ...Read More

Aorus X3 Plus Review

Aorus stated that they are centered on hardcore gamers, whatever they are. But below, its principal target appears to be on bigger numbers.  The Aorus X3 Plus isn’t any greasy, but crams in a GTX 970M with 6GB of GDDR5 and squishes 5,760,000 into ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Case

Yes, you’ll need a case to house all the other components you buy, and that’s what we’ll focus on here. But remember that it’s also the outward expression of your computer’s personality— and your own. How big should it be? What shape? What color? ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Storage

Even if you love smartphones and tablets, you have to admit that storage is one of their biggest weaknesses: You’re pretty much stuck with whatever you buy. When you’re building your own PC, that’s not a problem—it’s easy to add more pretty much whenever ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Video Card

Though integrated graphics systems are more commonplace today than ever, even the best versions in the latest processors can’t deliver what you can get from even a lower-end discrete video card. If you’re into gaming of any sort, a video card is a must, ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Memory

Your computer’s random access memory, or RAM, is where data is stored while the processor is waiting to crunch the numbers. More is pretty much always better, within the boundaries of your budget and your system (if yours is 32-bit, it’s limited to about ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Processors

If you’re building a gaming PC on a budget, you’ll probably want to start off by choosing a video card. Everyone else can start with the central processing unit (CPU), or processor, the “brain” of the computer that, well, processes all the instructions it ...Read More