World’s Smallest Windows 10 PC

You may soon be able to run Windows10 on your TV or monitor by plugging a small USB-shaped device into one of its HDMI slots. Taiwanese company Asus unveiled the VivoStick in early September at IFA, the Berlin based electronics tradeshow. At 14cm long ...Read More

Best Laptops for Linux [2016]

The idea of freedom is what drove the development of Linux kernel. Formerly, many people tend to see Windows, or Mac, as their option for their system. But then Linus Torvalds came and introduced Linux. This made things pretty interesting. Imagine a free-for-all system. ...Read More

Best Laptop for Architects [2016]

Designing a building can be quite tedious and time consuming. With all the things that needed to be balance like structure and good visual design, it becomes a nightmare when you cater multiple clients. Thank goodness for computers, developing good designs can be done ...Read More

Lenovo Y50-70 Review

Lenovo seems like rest a bit when it comes to manufacturing gaming laptops, so we jumped at the chance to check out Lenovo Y50-70 model as soon as they’re out. With the tough competition on the gaming laptop market is at the moment, with ...Read More

Best Dell Laptop 2015

In the laptop scene, Dell is among the known players with enough lists of choices. Among the brands they offer is the Inspiron line of devices. Known to be sturdy and tough, it has built good reputation from the consumers. And for their latest ...Read More

Best Remote Support Software 2015

A modern business incorporates tech solutions on every level in order to transcend the borders of space and time. Many people need to connect with computers while they are not in their offices, something that was unimaginable just a decade ago. Every serious businessman ...Read More

Best Laptop Cooling Pad

Heat is energy. This simple definition reminds every user that laptops will emit heat as it uses energy to operate. At such, numerous techniques have been introduced by manufactures to minimize discomfort associated with heat. One notable technique is exhaust fan system. This system ...Read More