500K Laptop Power Cords recalled for being Fire Hazard

Lenovo is recalling more than half a million laptop power cords in the US ( 500,000) and Canada (44,000). The product being recalled is the LS-15 AC power cord, which Lenovo apparently received more than a dozen incident reports of sparking, overheating and burning which originated outside of the US. If you are among the user of this cord you should contact the nearest Lenovo outlet for a free replacement.

LS-15 AC power cord

The AC cord that is being recalled is manufactured between February and December of 2011 and was sold together with Lenovo’s B, G, S, U, V and Z series IdeaPad laptops. The recall is only made for the AC cord that connects the AC power adapter to the wall socket and not the one that plugs into the laptop. Here are some of the affected laptop models:

Ideapad B460
Ideapad B470
Ideapad B560
Ideapad B570
IdeaPad G460
IdeaPad G470
IdeaPad G475
IdeaPad G480
IdeaPad G560
IdeaPad G570
IdeaPad G575
IdeaPad G580
IdeaPad G770
Ideapad S100
Ideapad S10-3
Ideapad S10-3c
Ideapad S10-3n
Ideapad S10-3s

If you want to have a full list of the affected laptops visit this link.


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