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AMD Xconnect: Simplifying your Gaming Experience


In the recent trend, gamers seem to appreciate the mobility of a laptop.  Yes, most gamers would still prefer a real gaming “tower” but some say why not enjoy mobility and power in one machine? But often though, reality bites as most laptops lack the graphics prowess. But that may the thing of the past. These days, manufacturers have realized thy can actually up a laptops performance by adding a huge boost over its graphics performance. A thing AMD’s Xconnect trying to tap.

The trend of upping a laptops graphics prowess started just recently and companies such as AMD, Razer and Thunderbolt has been working closely to master this craft. In order to connect an external graphics to a laptop, your device must have a Thunderbolt 3 input. Xconnect is part of Radeon’s Software 16.3. It is aimed to enable plug-and-play when connecting an external graphics card. Before, users have to reboot every time they have to install the external graphics for their laptop. A plug-and-play feature will maximize and simplify your gaming experience.

amd xconnect

But a word of caution must be said. The said new software has a few requirements to meet before it can run smoothly. Of course, you got to have the external GPU and Thunderbolt 3. Also, users must be using Windows 10 Build 10586 or later.  It also requires a 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 cable to work seamlessly. Your laptop must also support BIOS ACPI extensions which you can to check with your vendor. Lastly, your graphics card must be a Radeon R9 300 or Fury series to run the new Radeon software. Yes, those things are quite a handful these days as they are quite new and not all manufacturers actually has support for these. But eventually, these upgrades will become a common thing and later, anyone might be able to upgrade their system pretty easily.

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