ASUS G751 Series: Laptops Built for Gamers

If you are into gaming laptops then you’re probably familiar with ASUS Republic of Gamers. Recently they announced their latest addition to their line of high performance laptops to conquer the gaming scene. It is their G751 series gaming laptop ( G751JY and G751JT ) which was intended to deliver desktop level performance into a slim package. 

Asus G751 Series


Powering this laptop is Intel Core i7 processors for the smooth, powerful performance called upon by today’s fast-paced games. G751 will also feature the latest enthusiast-grade NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M/980M for perfect and vivid visuals in any angle possible. It will feature exclusive ASUS TurboMaster GPU-overclocking technology. The TurboMaster includes the ROG-exclusive GPU Tweak software and upgraded hardware components that support real-time GPU over clocking that will result to a 5% performance boost.

The G751 will feature dedicated keys for instant access which gamers will surely appreciate. This will make gameplay recording pretty much easier as well. For perfect entertainment, the G751 will have ASUS SonicMaster and ROG AudioWizard for powerful, optimized audio performance.

asus g751 series 1


Power is nothing when faced with tremendous heat, a common fault with high performance rigs. To dissipate huge amount of heat, ROG G751 has an intelligent, near-silent cooling system comprised of dual independent fans and copper heat sinks.

According to Nadia Lin, ASUS’s product marketer, “This upgraded design delivers exceptional thermal efficiency to ensure system stability, keeping CPU and GPU temperatures low even under overclocking conditions. Three heat pipes lead directly to the GPU to draw heat towards the fan, with hot air being blown out through the rear vents of the G751”.

Asus G751 Series 2


ROG G751 comes in a matte, anti-glare full HD IPS display that has a wide, 178-degree viewing angles resulting to minimal color shift even when viewed from different angles. ASUS is known to deliver high quality laptops. And this one will surely be a bang-for-buck for gamers.

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