It has taken a long time, nevertheless the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi is finally out. We were surprised by its amazingly slim design. The tablet is only 7.6mm thick and weighs only above 700g, which suggests it’s little thicker than an iPhone, to become precise. Its lightweight does not mean ASUS has scrimped on specifications. In reality, the screen measures 12.5-inch diagonally and has a resolution of of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, providing it a pixel density count of just under 235 pixels per inch, that is much like the Apple Macbook Pro’s Retina display.

ASUS Transformer Book Chi review - back

Display and Design

The screen is sharp and crisp and viewing angles are excellent. Your only problem is the fact that the display seems only a little dark even at brightness settings. ASUS has placed an increased emphasis on layout lately, and the Transformer Book T300 Chi features an all-aluminum structure that seems robust despite its thin structure, and it doesn’t demonstrate any signs of flexing. The edges are chamfered using a stone-cutting sparkle and shine brightly when it attracts light in the right angles. Since the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi is so slim, ASUS could not manage to outfit it with regular HDMI and USB ports. Alternatively, the unit features a smaller sized HDMI and micro-USB port. You can still use your hardware devise since ASUS provides a micro-USB to USB adapter.

ASUS Transformer Book Chi review

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The ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi includes a removable keyboard dock, which links to the tablet screen using a magnetic hinge. At this time it’s worth remembering that the dock does include heft that is sizable to the Transformer Book T300 Chi. Width rises to 16.5mm, while its weight goes up to 1.43kg. On the other hand, the keyboard is excellent to type on along with the trackpad, although a bit slim, it is accurate and very responsive. The ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi is not really thick mainly due to one of Intel’s new Core M processors powers it. They are created specifically to be used in ultrathin notebooks and hybrid devices and has a TDP of only 4.5W so it doesn’t need active cooling.

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The ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi is powered by the Core M-5Y71, a dual-core element that has a platform clock of 1.2GHz as well as a turbo clock speed of 2.9GHz, and also a 4M L3 cache. The Core-M-5Y71 also features Intel’s new integrated Intel HD Graphics 5300 GPU, which features 24 delivery devices and runs at a maximum clock speed of 900MHz. Finally, since the processor is so electricity efficient, the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi, despite its compact dimensions and tiny 32Whr battery, includes a battery life of about 4 hours. Now, the thought of hybrid products is old, but few may properly execute it.

ASUS Transformer Book Chi review - keyboard

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To date, between the several units that are hybrid we have evaluated, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro would be the ones that best convey this idea, mixing the best aspects of a product and an ultraportable laptop. The ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi can now include itself in this record. And because it is really light and slim, the Transformer Book T300 Chi could fulfill its role as a tablet effectively. It is not awkward to take care of in any way, even if its 12.5-inch screen is not small by criteria of a tablet. Tablet mode aside, the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi also worked well as laptop, thanks mainly for the extremely sturdy keyboard dock. Unfortunately, performance isn’t one of many Intel Core M’s strong features.


ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi is by no means under-powered because of its class and not a mistake of ASUS, but anyone taking a look at one of these brilliant very-glossy new Core M machines must get accustomed to lower performance when compared to an Intel Core i5. Things considered, the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi is among the best implementations we have observed yet of Intel’s new low-power Core-M processors. And it is decently priced because of its design, build functions, quality and effectiveness.


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