Logitech G15 Keyboard Review

Control is a very important aspect of gaming. As many folks would tell, control does have a huge role in making or breaking a game. As many people would speculate, keyboard does have a lot of things to tell when you wanted to have overall control over your game. One of the best keyboards for gamers out there is Logitech G15. And for what reasons?! Here are some points you may wanted to know.


5 Best Gaming Desktops 2014

There are some important things to consider in choosing a gaming laptop. For one, it should be powerful enough to cater the graphics-intensive games that need to be generated. Of course the processor and RAM should pack some muscle as well. But with all this power, it will build ample amount of heat which can become a problem thus proper plumbing should be at hand. And for that, here are some best gaming desktops that meet the requirements.