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2014’s Best Lenovo Laptop

6 Best Lenovo Laptops in 2014 In the essence of being the best, a device’, a laptop in this case, specification is not the mere qualification. Being the best would imply that it function as expected and it offers better pricing and balanced performance for ...Read More

2014’s Best Gaming Laptops

6 Best Gaming Laptops in 2014 As a person gets older so does technology, gaming laptops these days are becoming more and more powerful, they are handling bigger hungrier games that live on the sheer force of rams, graphics and CPU’s. The best gaming ...Read More

2014’s Best Multimedia Laptop

In the multimedia scene, finding the best multimedia laptop is a little bit tough. There are things needed to have a well-balanced performance and experience. It’s not just in terms of processor speed or graphics. You needed things like better screen and good sounds. But ...Read More

5 Best Laptops for Students

2015’s Best Laptops for Students Being student means you sometimes have to go on a tight budget. There are certain things that you want to buy but you can’t, because of insufficient funds.  That’s why you should always weigh in everything before deciding on ...Read More

2014’s Best Budget Laptops

8 Best Budget Laptops Budget is often one reason that your choices are limited. This can often lead you not to have the best one. But recent trend in technology prompted stiff competition between companies. At such, they resorted in offering products that offers common ...Read More