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World’s Smallest Windows 10 PC

You may soon be able to run Windows10 on your TV or monitor by plugging a small USB-shaped device into one of its HDMI slots. Taiwanese company Asus unveiled the VivoStick in early September at IFA, the Berlin based electronics tradeshow. At 14cm long ...Read More

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Laptops

The competition to have the best computers has been quite interesting lately as more and more choices are made available for the users. The news about new Chromebooks may have benefited consumers but not the companies like Microsoft. The software giant has now seen ...Read More

Chromebooks to have Intel Inside?

If you’ve been around chromebooks these days you know that not all manufacturers are really using the platform for their premium product. But that fact may change in the future. There have been rumors roaming around about Intel, the semiconductor giant, working with Google ...Read More

The Type C USB

In these modern computing days, USB has been very important. From connecting to a device to a storing data to an external drive, USB connectivity is one easy way to bring all your woes into one package. But the thing is, as modern computing ...Read More