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3 Good Reasons to buy Lenovo Edge 15

Lenovo has a worthy background for business machines. Their present offering for this genre is their Edge 15. This is a reasonably priced notebook can converted into a presentation mode quickly. This was made possible through its flexible hinge that can bend for 300 ...Read More

Windows 10 release date revealed

In the past few months, Microsoft has been quite busy for their latest OS, Windows 10. This is probably caused by some shortcomings of Windows 8. Well, many users were amazed by Windows 7 and they did expect something even “better” from Windows 8 ...Read More

Intel’s updated NUC

If you’re a fan of smaller system form factors, Intel’s NUC is among the best choice these days. Next Unit of Computing, aka NUC, is a fully functional computer that can fit the palm of your hand. With its 4-inch by 4-inch board, this ...Read More