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PC Parts Buying Guide: Storage

Even if you love smartphones and tablets, you have to admit that storage is one of their biggest weaknesses: You’re pretty much stuck with whatever you buy. When you’re building your own PC, that’s not a problem—it’s easy to add more pretty much whenever ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Video Card

Though integrated graphics systems are more commonplace today than ever, even the best versions in the latest processors can’t deliver what you can get from even a lower-end discrete video card. If you’re into gaming of any sort, a video card is a must, ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Memory

Your computer’s random access memory, or RAM, is where data is stored while the processor is waiting to crunch the numbers. More is pretty much always better, within the boundaries of your budget and your system (if yours is 32-bit, it’s limited to about ...Read More

PC Parts Buying Guide: Processors

If you’re building a gaming PC on a budget, you’ll probably want to start off by choosing a video card. Everyone else can start with the central processing unit (CPU), or processor, the “brain” of the computer that, well, processes all the instructions it ...Read More

How to remove Trojan Virus

If you have been using computers for quite some time, then you are familiar with computer viruses. A computer virus is program that was designed primarily for the benefit of its creator. One way to get the benefit from viruses is through gathering information ...Read More

How to remove Thumbs.db

Thumbs.db What is it? Thumbs.db is a database file containing a cache of photo thumbnails, and it’s created automatically when you open a folder of photos or videos. Thumbs.db supposedly makes thumbnails load more quickly, but you won’t see much difference unless your PC ...Read More

How to remove Desktop.ini

Desktop.ini what is it? Every folder on your PC has a desktop.ini file that contains the folder’s display settings, including its icon and the ‘info tip’ text that pops up when you hover your mouse over it. Like Thumbs.db files, desktop.ini files are created ...Read More