Cheapest Windows Laptop

Open source software has paved the way for better and more affordable devices that still offers competitive performance. Google made this possible with their introduction of Android for mobile devices. But that didn’t stop there, there are keen on competing with the bigger guys that they offered their Chrome OS for netbooks, dubbed as Chromebook. Fortunately manufacturers have greatly accepted this path. This was not without consequences with giant software brand however like Microsoft. In order to make things even in the playing field they came up with their own line.

HP stream 11

HP Stream 11

As the Google’s market share rose, Microsoft has decided to give away Windows 8.1 operating system to manufacturers that make low-cost Windows PCs. This in turn brought down prices making it competitive enough with Chrome-based devices. This resulted to a new line of computers that can run array of Windows software but still managed to maintain lower cost. Definitely, Chromebook has changed the mind of Microsoft in viewing about this re-merging market, the netbooks.

As for the revenue, the software giant is hoping that the making the default search engine on these devices Bing, can help drive it. What’s even better is because of the free-licensed OS, the quality of these new devices are top-notch and way better the netbooks of the past.

HP chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14

If you look at this, it may seem that this is simply a way to level the market for both companies. Of course, revenue is what they are after. But with this, it is a good thing for the consumers as well. As the prices become lower, more and more manufacturers are joining the path like Asus, HP and Acer. With this, we can expect to have better devices within a very competitive price in the future.


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