Dell is pursuing 2-in-one systems

In the last two to three years ago, the consumers have seen the rise of portable systems that can get things working even with its slimmer and lighter dimensions. During those years, tablet computers have been very active in the market thus companies invested heavily over its development. But just recently, the rise started to decline making companies such as Dell to rethink their approach over other emerging market.

But the good news, even with the decline of the tablet computer’s demand, the market for 2-in-one systems has seen some growth. This reality has shown a lot of computer companies the potential of this market. Dell is expecting this market to expand further that people may even see this as a real alternative for a full-sized laptop. “The growth in 2-in-1(detachable devices) has a small base, but is rapidly accelerating, while tablets are in decline as smartphones pick up,” said James Johnston, general manager-client solutions of Dell Asia Pacific and Japan.

According to an IDG report in February of 2016, slate tablets experienced its steepest decline of around 21.1% compared what was seen a year ago. The tablet sales either has seen a decline or flattened out for this year according to Johnston. Also, Johnston stated that while Dell will be investing some huge amount of time for 2-in-1’s, its personal computers will still be in the table. He said that people and analysts have been predicting the extinction of laptop for at least 10 years already but the market is still very competent enough.


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