If you have installed Windows 10 then you know that it really requires a lot of settings for it to know more about your machine. Most of these gathered data are used for the functions within the system but it poses some privacy issues. In the US, Windows 10 did not have issues regarding privacy policies but it’s a different story with the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL).

The National Data Protection Commission said in a statement that the OS is “collecting excessive data and tracking browsing by users without their consent.” CNIL further said that Microsoft collects “irrelevant or excessive data,” which most likely will be linked to poor privacy from the users. The data in question includes app installation and utilization stats which the system collects through individual users of the PC. It was also noted that Windows 10 lacks strong security measures as it allows even users with full administrative access to log through a four-digit PIN. Further, there’s no penalty over wrong PINs entered regardless on how many times it was done.

france orders microsft for more invasive windows 10

The default setting of Windows 10 allows third-party advertisers to track users even without consent. And while it does that, the OS doesn’t have a built-in protection to ward off invasive cookies. In the eyes of European users, Microsoft, a U.S.-based company, transports this personal information beyond the premises of EU.  And under the transatlantic “Safe Harbor” agreement which defines compliance of U.S. companies with EU laws on protecting user data, Microsoft is at fault.

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, chairman of CNIL, has warned Microsoft that it has three months to make up for this mess or she”may appoint an internal investigator, who may draw up a report proposing that the CNIL … issue a sanction against the company.”


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