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“Haunted” Laptop being sold in EBAY


A laptop that is said to be haunted is now being sold in Ebay for $222.50. Apart from the normal specs you’ll see in a description of an item, it also includes the following: “The computer works great and may also be haunted by a ghost or specter. (Computer is NOT haunted by a demon or “devil man” negative entity.)” Too early for halloween right?!

The “haunted” 2007 Apple MAcbook was left overnight on a graveyard which the seller believes the main reason it was populated by “spirits”. Take a look at this quote on the description of the item:

haunted laptop

“It’s unclear just how this laptop came to be haunted, but I 90% bet it was the time I left it in a graveyard next to an abandoned mental hospital all night by accident. I was doing some sketches in the graveyard (I’m an amateur sketch artist) and I brought the computer with me to play some music while I honed my craft. Anyway, I woke up the next morning and realized I’d forgotten the dang thing there in the graveyard!

I found (much to my relief) that the computer was just where I had left it, propped open and still playing a Beethoven song I like. The speakers on this machine put out a lot of bass for being so small.”

But how does a laptop become haunted just by leaving it in a graveyard overnight? Here are some “evidence” that the seller based on to come into conclusion that the laptop is really “haunted”.

“Well, I took the computer home (still in perfect working condition) and, folks, this is when things started to get downright weird. First, I noticed that ALL of my songs in iTunes had become scary or haunted. Second, the desktop background was changed to a scary photo. The following week, we (my wife, Barbie, and I) noticed some of our stuff around the house had been mysteriously rearranged. One night, we went out to dinner with my wife’s parents and their friends and some people from my wife’s work and some of their parents. When we came home, my baseball cards were all out of order and my wife’s rare American coins were in total disarray. To make matters spookier, I occasionally saw the computer levitating. In some cases the screen and keyboard would open and shut quickly, as though the computer were attempting to speak.”

Read the full story regarding the “haunted” laptop here.

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