Being unique is harder today that it has ever been because there are so many styles of clothes, haircuts, watches and other things around that you just cannot find something that will be just yours and no one else’s. That is, unless you make something with your own two hands – custom made bicycles, motorcycles and cars are much more enjoyable, noticeable and fulfilling that simply driving the same thing half of your town is. Among the most creative and innovative options for customization are laptops and the things you can do with them are limitless. Take a look at several ways we’ve chosen, however your creativity is the limit on what you can do with your laptop casing!

Why Do It?

Most of modern laptops – and, for that matter, all electric devices from desktop computers to TVs – look the same and absolutely generic with nothing to separate them from the next. There are no significant differences when it comes to their covers and there is rarely anything besides the brand’s logo. However, almost all brands on the market have premium gaming models that are not that uniform and generic, but are, after all, still just a little bit too expensive.

Therefore, if you want to display creativity and personal style with your laptop, you should redo it on your own and create great designs that will turn even your generic office laptop into something special and unique.

laptop modding tips 2

Paint Jobs

Painting your laptop does not take too much time and produces great results. Turn it off, remove all screws and bolts – you can do some upgrades while you are at it – and you are good to go. First off, you have to prepare the surface with some 220- or 800-grit sand paper and tape off USB ports and other parts you do not want painted. Then, it is painting time. There are several layers needed with extra drying time in between, so start with plastic primer and let it dry for a day. After that, apply the actual paint you have settled for and keep a steady hand. Reapply it in several coats and add gloss finish at the end. Finally, smooth everything with some 1600-grit sandpaper.
If you want to do some remodeling also, you can use modeling putty, and in combination with sand paper you can make it smooth as it was there from factory (see below what I did with my MX518 mouse).

laptop modding tips 3
(MX 518 without Logitech logo and in white)

Stickers and covers

Stickers on laptop covers are not that new any more and you can see a considerable amount of those on any university with a moderate number of students. You can go two ways – one or more smaller stickers with funny taglines, comic effects, political statements, music bands names, etc, or, on the other hand, you can place a whole cover on the entire lid of your laptop screen.

laptop modding tips 1a

There are many companies that produce their own large covers and custom designs, but probably the best way to ensure maximum uniqueness and individuality is designing your own sticker – this can even be done online now! – and printing it at your local printers. I did that at a printing service from my neighborhood in Melbourne and am really satisfied with the outcome. All you need is some Photo Shop skills if you want it to be as personal, or you can use images of your favorite games, actors, bands… anything you can think of really!

laptop modding tips

Foil, Fur and Fabric

Some people like their laptops to really stand out and have more accessories than the others. That is why fur and fabric modding is not just perfect for them, but also more than easy – just visit your local fabric store and decide what you want to dress your laptop in. Options are limitless with different colors, patters and designs, so you too can find something you like. After that, it is really just a three-step process: cut the fabric to the desired size, apply sufficient amount of adhesive to your laptop cover and glue the fabric onto it. Let it dry, clean the excess glue and that is it!

Have you ever seen a car with carbon like looking hood? Well more often than not that is actually a vinyl foil that is very easy to place, cheap and if done properly good looking. All you need is the foil itself, alcohol for cleaning and a scalper for removing the excess foil.

More Options

There are a couple of more options – you can use modeling clay, permanent markers or even apply a specific design and paint over it. No matter what you do, these DIY techniques will make your laptop more special, unique and completely personalized and turn your work into a more enjoyable experience every day.



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