According to Microsoft its Surface devices generate revenue of US$1 billion each quarter. And the company plans to boost the numbers by targeting the devices more to the corporate world. This is the very reason that Microsoft is partnering with IBM to write applications specifically for Surface devices. Its aim is to strategically tailor Surface devices to meet the needs of financial, consumer goods and retail organizations.

The deal is quite significant for Microsoft is it will surely make Surface devices more appealing to enterprises. The PC market is expected to pick up during the second half of this year and that Surface devices that features tailored software might just appeal more to companies when they need that upgrade.

One thing that really made Microsoft to push the deal is the fact that Surface tablets are already used by known organizations like the National Football League and Emirates airline. It is among the better Windows PCs available, it’s just that it had better success with consumers and professional buyers when compared to enterprise consumers.

microsoft and ibm

IBM is not new to this kind of project. Back in 2014, the company also accepted the deal with Apple to develop apps tailored for iPhones and iPads. Through this IBM will acquire more enterprise software customers and it won’t have to think about supporting the hardware, a win-win deal for them really. The planned applications will revolve around analytics, reporting, employee productivity, management and forecasting.

Also, Microsoft also signed a similar partnership with Booz-Allen Hamilton to deliver Surface tablets for government, public sector and health-care organizations, with a focus on security and manageability of devices. The U.S. government organizations have specific requirements in computers purchased with security on top of their list. Take note through that these are Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, intended for these specific markets. The consumer version Surface 3 was discontinued just recently.


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