Microsoft Surface Pro 3; A Laptop replacement Tablet

Few days ago, technology giant Microsoft unveils Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It is dubbed to be the tablet to replace your laptop computer. Though it is a power packed tablet, it is seems a bit pricey for one. 

Today, we’re proud to announce the tablet that can replace your laptop – Surface Pro 3. It’s for people who want to create and watch, write and read, communicate and listen and packs laptop power in a beautiful, lightweight package that starts at just $799.”

We’re sure you’re going to love Surface Pro 3 so much that carrying 2 devices will be a thing of the past. -Panos Panay, Corp VP of Surface

This tablet has a stylish design, 5MP camera on both rear and front, larger and crisp high resolution touchscreen and more than capable to handle laptop related tasks, it’s downside will be that its relatively easy to get hot (according to laptopmag review) and its expensive price ($799).

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