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Is it possible to check your content directly from your mobile?


The modern world uses the mobile phone to do its work in the office or training. Educational activities, business documents, and answering emails are some of the most common applications in professional life that can be carried out via the mobile phone.

From grammar verification to optimization, the phone has various features that can be used to optimize your content and according to the standard you post to.

In this article, we will discuss some ways to optimize the content that you normally send via your mobile phone.

Types of verification by your mobile phone

Grammar mistakes:

If you are sending an email to your customer or an important letter, you may have to send the content of the article to the prefect, because the likelihood of error is very low in business. The basic mistakes most people make are grammatical errors, especially if your English is not your native language.

However, if you send the e-mails via your mobile phone, you can check the grammatical errors via your mobile phone. There are numerous applications on your smartphone to check the grammar immediately. Below are some examples of applications that can be installed on your smartphone to eliminate all grammar errors.


This is a popular app that is available for both Android and iOS. Not only the app, but this app also makes an extension on the keyboard of your phone, and after changing your preferences checks the grammar app to give your warnings about grammatical errors. This app is free for all users, while it also stores the report within the app, which can only be displayed on your phone. The app does not automatically correct the grammar errors, but just gives you the suggestion and you have to solve it by clicking on the suggestion. If you type the context in another application, you do not need to open the app, but can access the tool from your keyboard.


This is another grammar check mobile application that helps you scan the content you type into the application box.

It doesn’t work with the help of the keyboard, which means you have to open the app to check your content.

However, once you insert the content within the app, some of the suggestions will be displayed and you will be given the opportunity to fix the errors yourself.

You can check the change and click on the suggestion to correct the error.

Plagiarism-free content:

If you are a web owner or author, you may know how important plagiarism-free content is in the fact of search engine optimization. However, plagiarism has the same significance for other platforms, including business and educational publications.

If you publish the content over the Internet, plagiarism-free content can affect your writings and page ranking, positively. Therefore, it is better to have an application that verifies the plagiarism and can help you verify the originality of the content.

The following are some of the most popular applications that scan and compares your context on the Internet:


This is one of the best and most efficient tools for verifying plagiarism in your application. This application is available for both Android and iOS. It is a complete solution for finding the copied words in your context, while the tool allows you to scan the contents of up to 500 words in one go. However, to increase the limitations, you need to purchase a subscription, which usually costs $5/month. The application saves the reports for each verification and you can view the plagiarism ratio with the uniqueness later through the application. The application supports multiple languages and you can use any language.


Plagiarisma.net is another application about Android that can help you scan duplicate content directly from your mobile phone. This application supports over 190 languages, while you can also check the plagiarisma.net by inserting the URL into the application. You can select the different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and this application also allows you to check the exact match.

Word Counter:

When you send a document to your teacher as an assignment, you sometimes need to consider the number of words. In this sense, you can also automatically check the number of words on your mobile app instead of counting the words manually. In other uses, if you work as a freelancer, you can complete your client’s goal by counting the words. Instead of opening the computer and testing your word count there, you can check your count directly on your phone. Similarly, the blogger must complete their word count to fulfill their SEO.

Word Count by Spians Lab:

This is one of the best and most widely used apps for counting the words in your content that you insert into the application. The word counter app not only counts the words but also counts the characters, sentences, paragraphs, and that helps you if your requirements are specific. In this application, there is a built-in text box where you can type and the application shows you real-time counting of the words you write.

Word Counter Notes:

Besides the word counting function, this application is famous as a notepad where you can create and edit the document. It is mainly used by business people and students as they have to write the answer or reply to an e-mail. Its additional function tells you the number of words, number of characters, number of sentences, number of paragraphs, and number of bytes.


Most users use their mobile phones to submit their documents, whether they are freelancers, business people, or students. In this case, you should have these applications installed to maintain the standard of writing, especially if you have certain requirements.

Many freelancers send their files to their customers by mobile phone and in this respect, they could check their content through these applications. Sometimes, you need to enter the time during the trip or when you are busy, so mobile apps help you check the content before sending it directly through your phone.

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