New and Improve Lenovo ThinkPad 11e

Laptop manufacturers have been releasing their take on 2015 pretty seriously. As for Lenovo, they updated their ThinkPad 11e series. This specific update was geared towards students.

lenovo thinkpad 11e 1

The updates were introduced on the Florida Education Technology Conference. During this event, Lenovo unveiled the latest takes to their ThinkPad 11e series. The newly updated products come in the form of ThinkPad 11e models as well as the ThinkPad YOGA 11e, the latter functions as a laptop, a tablet and a tablet with a stand.

The updated series will feature fifth generation Intel Core processors such as the Broadwell-U product range. As claimed by the Lenovo, the change in CPU made the updated model better as compared to the former AMD-powered systems.

Being geared towards students, the changing environment makes everything a challenge. For this, sturdiness of the said units was reinforced. This way, long term reliability can be easily achieved. For the display specs, the Thikpad 11e will feature an 11.6-inch, hi-def screen option. The Yoga 11e on the other hand will come with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to protect its touch-sensitive screen. These two laptop lines weigh less than 3.3 pounds even with all the updates added.

lenovo thinkpad 11e

Another addition to the lineup is the introduction of ActivePen. This accessory is supposed to recreate the feeling of using pen on paper. This was designed by the company work for the WRITEit and REACHit software that was exclusively created for the 11e series. The said updates are expected to grab sales from modern day students and educator alike.

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