A new keyboard concept by Apple

Thinner is better. That’s the thing of the present. It is because thinner devices can be lighter and can pack more capable specifications compared to conventional designs. One interesting area in computing that has been receiving a lot of attention lately is the keyboard. ...Read More

SC17: EVGA’s New Gaming Laptop

EVGA manufactures boards based on NVIDIA GPU and Intel chips. This fact shows how much experience they have in creating very capable systems to conquer the gaming scene. But just recently, the company made some news when they announced, on their own website, that ...Read More

HP has its eyes over Apple Computers

For the last three years, we’ve seen improvement s and developments that focuses on making the conventional laptop more portable. Thus we’ve seen much development over the hybrids and tablets computers alike. It’s been a tough ride for the laptop market a few years ...Read More

Xiaomi to launch laptop this year

A few years back, talking about Chines products would seem to raise arguments about reliability. But China-made products seemed to have created positive feedback on 2015 making it an important alternative for almost any product you might have thought ranging from small batteries, smartphones, ...Read More

A lighter and faster new Razer Blade

Razer Blade sits in the middle of the company’s line-up. Often, this is a go-to choice for folks that wanted to have both worlds, a cheaper alternative and above-average performance. Just recently, Razer has announced that it will deliver an updated version of this ...Read More

PC Repair Tips: Don’t Get Rip-Off

Our computer don’t always work as they should because its components fail, and operating systems fill up with crap that hinders computer performance. Most of you know that you can repair most of the computer problem yourself. Those users who lack confidence in their ...Read More