Speed Up your Laptop or Desktop in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer there will come a time when things start slowing down. After even a few months of getting a new computer you may start to experience that your laptop is performing slower. Luckily though it is no mystery as to why this happens, and you can restore your computer to full speed again. Here are some simple things you can do to speed up your laptop and keep it running like new.

Free up Disk Space

Many times when we first get a new computer we install all kinds of programs on it, put music on it, and upload lots of photos and videos onto the hard drive. This can be problematic as all of these things take up space on your computer. A great solution to keep your hard drive space free is to put all of this stuff on an external hard drive as they are inexpensive and can store lots of information. Try not to fill your computer hard drive up all the way as this will slow it down. Also be sure to remove temporary internet files and remove programs you don’t use often. On windows computers you can use the Disk Cleanup function to help you free up more space. After doing the research for this article I used the Disk Cleanup function on my own laptop and freed up 8GB of hard drive space, so this can be a very useful tool to use. It is also helpful to do a “registry clean” after installing or uninstalling a lot of programs on your laptop.


Keep your Laptop Spyware-free

Spyware is a sort of virus that collects information from your computer and sends it to someone else without telling you. This can be very damaging as spyware can collect all kinds of personal information about you such as passwords and user login. In addition to being a huge security risk for all your confidential information, spyware will also greatly slow your laptop’s performance. You can prevent and remove spyware by using anti-virus software such as Symantec Endpoint Protection. This is the best way to treat against spyware as some of the “free scans” on the internet, claiming to remove harmful viruses from your computer, can actually mess up your laptop even more.


Adjusting Start-up programs and Visual Effects

If you try everything else and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting better, you can try adjusting your laptop’s visual effects and start up programs. Remove clutter from your desktop and remove programs that you hardly ever use. Try not to run a lot of different programs at once as this will slow down your computer as well. Sometimes certain programs will run slow because you don’t have enough RAM so getting some additional RAM may be yet another solution to help your laptop to run faster. Most of the time people have a few different programs that start up when they turn their laptop on that they hardly ever use. Disabling these can help increase your laptop’s speed right when you start it up. Finally the last tip for how to speed up your laptop is to defragment your hard drive. Basically what this does is reorganize your hard drive to make it more efficient.

start-up programs and visual effect settings

After using some of these tips you should have your laptop running like new again in no time. Remember that keeping your laptop running like new is an ongoing process. Always be aware to keep a good amount of hard drive space open, run disk clean ups, defragment your hard drive every month or so, and keep your computer free of viruses, spyware, and adware.



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