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The age of Upgradable Laptops


If you are among the ones who opted for a laptop as a gaming rig then you are likely to have a very slim chance of upgrading your system in the future. Upgrading might appear as a lesser priority for average users but for gamers, a new game or a new version of the game could mean an upgrade for the GPU as well. But upgrading was almost limited to desktops before. These days however, companies like MSI, Origin and Alienware have somehow started to think about future upgrades for their high performance laptops.alienware 2

The most crucial upgrades that might be needed to catch-up with software demands of the future are on the CPU and GPU aspect. For this reason, high end gaming laptops from MSI and Alienware have been designed to accept upgrades over this area. As GPU is important for gaming aficionados, these high end laptops incorporate motherboard design that has replaceable GPU boards, just like with a desktop.

Remember these gaming laptops could cost some sizeable fortune and throwing it away after three years may not be a good option for buyers. For instance the MSI GT80 Titan. This is known as one of the most insane gaming laptops with its built-in mechanical keyboard. But other than that, this is good option for future upgrades as well. You simply need to undo two screws and the entire front top pops off which will give you access to the flash storage, memory, hard drive and optical drive. Even better, you can send your laptop back to the manufacturer for them to plug-in a better graphics. A few months ago, Alienware and MSI introduced their GPU boxes. This allows hardcore gamers to plug in a desktop graphics card to potentially open up their system to future of upgrades.

MSI gaming laptop

Origin on the other hand has fitted their laptops with desktop CPU’s. This means that these laptops can exchange CPU’s with your desktop. Of course, this will open upgrades in case you need some additional oomph for your future projects. Overall, these steps from the manufacturers can give owners better value for their money.

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