Few months ago there was a rumor that a certain Chinese company will be entering the laptop segment. It has been quite a news as the target market is not just the average laptop but the high-end market. And just recently there have another set of “rumors” that a certain tipster relayed. This time it was quite a note that indeed there will be a new player for the notebook market.

Now this tipster is some Chinese guy @Mocha RQ. He posted about additional details on the presumed Xiaomi notebook. All the info was posted over in a Chinese microblogging site Weibo. The said post was quite short but concise. It tells that the incoming Xiaomi notebook is going to be released this summer but the actual launch event should be held a month after. These small details tell that the Xiaomi notebook could have been set to launch in July 2016.

mocha rq

Also, the tipster has some decent past record of delivering high-level of accuracy for its leaks. And in fact this information matches with the older rumors about Xiaomi’s effort in having their own notebooks. If this is true then people should be quite excited as Xiaomi will surely introduce high-end features for its laptops with, presumably, affordable pricing scheme.

As per previous leaks, it suggests that there could be two different models for the Xiaomi laptop. One will be running Core i5 and the other will sport Core i7 processor. Display size was suggested to be around 13.3-inches with a design approach comparable to Apple’s MacBook lineup. All of these suggest that this should be an exciting year for would-be notebook buyers.


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