5 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Apex Legends

apex legends

Apex Legends seems a simple game at first glance, but it is a unique Battle Royle game. It is a squad-based, freemium, and first-person shooter game. Apex Legends offer a few exciting twists like ever-changing maps to bring adventure into the match. Looting and shooting are the game’s core.

apex legends

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You need to stay sharp in the Apex Legends. But victory will be for the players who are prepared. So, the article lists the five things you should know before playing Apex Legends.

1.    Know your role

Apex Legends include eight different Legends of heroes available for playing. Each class has a specific set of active, passive, and ultimate skills, giving them unique roles. It is a good idea to try out all the Legends before starting playing to find out which one suits you. For example, Bloodhound can track other nearby squads while Pathfinder can set up ziplines to assist the team in moving while Lifeline helps in healing.

Learning your Legend’s abilities will enhance your squad’s effectiveness. Apex Legends currently allows teams of only three, whether hit or gathered together randomly. So, prepare yourself to play the game with a team if you want a victory at the end.

2.    Maps alter

As a gamer, you can learn all the little hidden areas through a map. You can subconsciously find a favorite spot on the map and try to go there in every match. But beware! Avoid getting too comfortable with the Apex maps because they tend to alter seasonally. It might also happen that a game can have a brand-new world altogether rarely. However, you will often find existing maps with some changes.

Another related thing you should know is that all map areas in Apex Legends are not equal. You will never know what loot will spawn where in the game.

3.    Be cautious in hoarding loot

It is pretty helpful for you to hoard as much loot as possible on dropping into the map for the first time. You should find whatever weapon you can to cover yourself. However, if you happen to survive in the match’s latter stages, hoarding loot that you do not need can cause issues.

If you find loot that you think you do not need anymore, you can ping it to your team. Survival in Apex Legends will lead to a win, but you will be killed if your loot slots have useless items. Instead, your loot should have essential things like shield cells.

4.    Focus on callouts and FOV settings

Apex’s ping system is intuitive and allows you to call out enemy positions, supply locations, and more, enabling you to utilize a unique callout for each ping. The game will let you call out specific mods or ammo types you need. Here, a player without a microphone can communicate as easily as one who does not have it. However, make sure to highlight the enemy ping while highlighting enemy positions.

Apex Legends also allows you to adjust the settings that suit your settings menu in the main menu. It will help you gain an edge against rival teams.

5.    Dropping in

One player in your squad will be the jumpmaster, who will choose when you should jump from the dropship and into the fray. However, all team members can ping suggested locations, and the jumpmaster can pass the job to someone else in the squad. Once you jump, your entire team travels together by default. But you can opt for split from the combined drop and manage to land individually if you want more space while dropping.

The movement controls and mechanics in Apex Legends are extraordinary. You can run faster if you put away your weapon and perform a sliding movement on hitting a crouch while running. The game enables you to climb up and over taller ledges and walls to survive.


Apex Legends is no less than a game with multiple hidden elements. So, you can always upgrade your information on playing the match. The above ways will help you survive and gain a victory at the end of the game. Enjoy the adventurous journey!

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