Buyers Guide For Best Mini Laptops In 2021

mini laptop

You want to choose the best mini laptop that has the features of the best laptops. But, the mini-laptops just roll up those features into a conveniently portable package.

However, selecting one for yourself can be a task because you would not wish to compromise with the features anyway. Therefore, it is important to look out for factors that will help you to decide on the ideal laptop for your gaming or other purposes.

Let’s discuss here the various aspects that you should look for!

Operating System

If you’re to buy the mini laptop that suits your requirements, it is first to decide on the operating system you would want to select. They come into three operating systems – Apple OS X, Windows 10 OS, and Chrome OS. The three running operating systems comes with varied features and differing price range.

Just in case you’re ready to spend more than $1500 dollars, and then Apple OS X should be the beautiful machine system at your home. However, you won’t regret buying Windows 10 OS or Chrome OS as they are reasonably priced with great features as well. It is necessary for you to consider the operating system before buying a laptop.

Memory And Storage

Mini laptops are usually compromised versions of high memory and storage space full laptops. They lack high storage RAM for the commercial working of these laptops. Thus, you need to choose the one that is one of the highest variants among the range available.

So, if you want to buy a mini laptop for easy office works, then look for memory space with 8 GB RAM. Along with it, 128 GB storage will totally work for production runs. However, even with this storage, you must ensure to have a built-in storage of SD card reader included in the variant. This is for the additional space you would require in the future.


In mini laptops, you would surely be trading off the high screen resolution quality against their easy to carry future. But still, you would wish to look out for the best resolution offered from the range for having productive and quality work functioning.

You can consider buying a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution that is standard among the mini laptops in providing quality resolution. However, if you are ready to adjust the display, a lower resolution of 1280 x 720 also works. It totally depends on your requirement but keeps this factor in mind.


Well, either you’re buying a mini or full-sized laptop; it should be a reflection of modern style demand. Having said this, you should check if your mini laptop can be styled for use as a tablet laptop.  A tablet laptop comes with a system of detaching keyboards and various other features.

So, if you have such requirements, just make sure that your mini laptop approves this transition with a hinge lock for convenient use. But, if you’re cool if you can’t be converted into a tablet laptop, then you can ignore this factor during buying as most of them come with a compromising hinge.


Most of the trusted manufacturers offer a warranty either for the hardware or the entire laptop. Dell laptop warranty too offers a limited period guarantee against hardware damage along with the purchase. You wouldn’t wish to spend a hefty amount without assurance for some assistance against any damage.

Thus, it is necessary to check for the warranty offered by various laptop manufactures in the market and compare all the terms before buying one. However, if your laptop offers a short-term warranty only, then it is recommended to buy laptop insurance before it ends.


Surely, if you are buying a mini laptop, then considering the weight of the laptop is a must. Mini laptops are designed for easy carrying purposes and doing light work. However, if your laptop weighs more than the standard mini-laptops and is heavier, it is not a good option.

Not to forget you’re compromising with the standard features just to have a light machine for easy portability. Thus, check the weight of your laptop before you buy one.


If you’re going for a high-quality mini laptop with Apple OS, they surely come with a hefty price. However, not all of them have competing features against the Chrome OS or Windows 10 OS. So, make sure that you’re listing out all the features and matching them with your requirements or not by keeping in mind the price tag.

Summing up

It is recommended to find yourself the mini laptop that ticks off all your requirements with amazing features. It should be comfortable for use as well as offering a high-quality consumer-oriented experience. We hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to buy the ideal laptop.