How to Choose Keyboards for Mac

keyboard for mac

Do you want to know the best preferable keyboard for your Mac? Are you confused to choose it? Do you need the basic information for choosing a perfect keyboard for your Mac? Then this content will solve the problem. To know all the queries about the best keyboard for Mac goes through the content below.   

Keyboards type

Mechanical keyboards:- The regular PC key numbers are 84, AT keyboard is also 84 & the enhanced keyboard has 101keys. The mechanical keyboard is based on spring keys. This keyboard can expand your typing experience. All the keys have specific caps & they are unique form each other. All keys are soundless. It has an excellent way to find out which switches will is perfect for you. There also have a tester. Cherry MX Blue, brown, black & red is the best model of the mechanical keyboard.

Normal keyboards: Nor Mac keyboard layout is different from the windows build in layout. The normal keyboard has a different setup than the Mechanical keyboard. The ALT key & the Windows key basically compare as a Mac keyboard layout. You can get an unaccepted commanding behavior while using a PC keyboard with Mac PC. It is not so fast, tactile or durable as like the mechanical keyboard.

Ergonomic keyboards:- Ergonomic has some split keyboard. All keys are not on the same height. It can give our wrist a comfortable position. The keys are fully reorganized than the other keyboards. Need the training to learn about the keys position.

keyboard for mac

How to Choose the best keyboard for Mac

Mac is a never-ending database system manufactured by apple brand. To set up the keyboard setting first you need to click the apple menu. Then select the system preference from the keyboard option. You can change the keyboard type from that option. To choose a perfect keyboard for your Mac pc you should follow the given criteria.

Keystrokes – keyboard types are ANSI, ISO & JIS. ANSI is the standard type keyboard. We can also manually change that type. Keystrokes are the typing speed in an hour or minute. That means KPH is the measurement of one’s typing speed. This also depends on the keyboards’ also depends If you want to speed up your typing speed then you must need to set a perfect keyboard. For any type of writing, you should install the standard keyboard. This will help you to improve the typing speed on writing. On the other hand, if you use the keyboard then you should use the mechanical or ergonomic keyboard. Then the keystrokes will be preferable for you.

Design – QWERTY designed in 1868 by the designer Christopher Sholes. This person is the inventor of the typewriter. To avoid the jamming typing system he rearranged the same combination letters at aside. At an early age the mechanical typing procedure was so taff to continue a long term document. Nowadays we can choose the keyboard design from the variety formate. We all are not equal at the time of typing. Depending on typing style you can choose a keyboard that is friendly for you.

Budget – The price of the keyboard can be different according to its longevity & other features. The regular price of a keyboard can be started from $100 to $500. MIDI will be available in that range of price. If you need some extra features like guarantee, warrantee, lighting inside keys, waterproofed keys, etc. Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical, Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, Gamdias HERMES M1 7 color Mechanical are some name of best quality keyboard. Razer Cynosa Chroma RGB, Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical, SteelSeries APEX 7 RGB are some names of the good quality keyboard.

Wired vs Wireless – Reorganizing all keys is so difficult. Modern technology invented two types of keyboards. Which are wireless & wired. Wireless & Bluetooth device is easy to carry anywhere. We can also operate the device from a long distance. It can work as a default device. The wired USB port can make gathering on the laptops plugin. With the help of a wireless, you no need to take any room at the USB port. You can also use it from a distance place & able to move your hand as you want. The wired keyboard has not more rooms to move the user’s hands flexibly. Wireless need the battery power to run this device. After finishing the battery power you will not be able to work through it.

RGB vs Non-RBG – RGB has the red, green, blue light combination effect? Something like the TV colors. This is exactly the backlight system. For this reason, you will be able to type through it in a dark situation. It also looks attractive & fancy. So the good thing is to work in a dim place. For this lightning, it also looks childish. Non-RGB has no possibility to work in a dark or shadow place. It needs extra light to work on it.

Size – keyboards have three sizes. 100% size keyboard has 104 keys & the pad is on the right-hand side. The next size is 80% which has no number pad with 83 keys. The last size is 60% which has no function keys also with no arrow keys.  Working on all numerical data you should choose the full-size keyboard. All functional keys are not available without the standard size that means the 100% size. If you are using to with full-size keyboard then you should also choose this size for your Mac.


The keyboard is the main commanding device of a computer. All external command is given through it. To work a long time with your computer we need to select a suitable keyboard for us. In my point of view, the mechanical keyboard is more preferable for a Mac PC. It has some extra features than other keyboards.

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