How to Keep a .PDF file from being Shared, Copied, Forwarded & Printed

How to stop pdf from being copied

As an avid user of PDF files and documents, you may want to keep the information in your PDF documents confidential as it could be sensitive, confidential, or valuable. Your PDF documents could contain intellectual property, and since IP or published works hold great value, their loss or theft can result in substantial revenue losses.

How to stop pdf from being copied

And since PDF files can be easily forwarded, shared, and distributed conveniently, it can be easy to copy the information in the blink of an eye. So, how do you secure important PDF files from leakage and theft?

PDF digital rights management [PDF DRM], is a proven document security solution to protect your PDF documents from unauthorized access and prevent your secured content from being copied and manipulated. 

With PDF DRM, you can control what authorized users can do with your content. It puts you in complete control of how userscan work with content ensuring that it cannot be misused. For instance, you can prevent or stop copying, printing, screen grabs and copy/paste to prevent forwarding of unprotected content with PDF DRM. When you manage your digital rights through PDF DRM, it becomes very difficult for people to take advantage of your documents, modify them without your knowledge and generally use them as they see fit.

PDF DRM can be used by any individual, company, or organization seeking to prevent the unauthorized sharing, copying, printing, and forwarding of their information. For example, PDF DRM can be implemented by:

  • Authors and publishers to secure their works and prevent their intellectual property from being compromised.
  • Training course institutes and trainers to prevent their courses being modified and resold or leaked before a course is due to start.
  • Large-scale publishers and small-time book publishers can block e-books from being illegally distributed or resold.
  • Banks, legal houses, fund houses and a wide range of financial institutions to exchange confidential and sensitive information with intended individuals and authorized third parties.
  • Corporate houses, both big and small, can control how classified and sensitive data vital for their company’s growth and profitability is distributed and used.

PDF DRM is the only solution that protects your documents proactively. It safeguards against the unintended spread of your digital information and optionally enables you to add dynamic watermarks to link your document to the intended recipient.

With the right PDF DRM system, you get to:

  • restrict how your PDF file is copied, printed, viewed, or accessed. You can block printing functionalityor set up a specified number of times that the document can be printed, control and revoke print access.
  • revoke access at any time (regardless of where documents are located)
  • set document expiry controls so that PDF files expire automatically after a fixed period of time.
  • restrict editing and copying of the content, so content cannot be modified or copied and pasted to another application.
  • lock your PDF documents to specific locations so you can control the use of BYODs and prevent documents being viewed outside the office.
  • stop screen grabbing so users cannot take high-quality screenshots with screen grabber applications.
  • stop forwarding of unprotected content.
  • track and log use so you can identify and suspicious behavior.
  • ensure compliance with privacy regulations and document retention policies.
  • protect your valuable reports, e-books or training manuals from being shared or used without authorization.
  • secure your revenue and expand your profitability by ensuring that your documents are not shared illegally, stolen or pirated.
  • control the devices users can view your protected PDF documents on – you can limit use to just one device or allow any number
  • control authorized viewing of your protected PDF document based on the copy control measures you set down.
  • enforce the same document controls for both online and offline documents.

The right DRM copy protection software for your PDF files must not use passwords, plug-ins, JavaScript or zero footprint solutions since they are all technologies that can compromise the safety of your PDF documents. Since Adobe Acrobat PDF files can be vulnerable to weaknesses and attacks, it is imperative to use the proper PDF DRM security to control what users can do with your documents and how long they use them.

Choose the best DRM solution based on its simplicity, the formats it supports and the number of features it offers. The right PDF DRM solution must offer you a complete suite of security features, including file tracking, dynamic watermarking, encryption, access and revocation controls, permissions and more in one single security system without having to invest in any other document security software. 

If you’re looking to stop unauthorized access and control how your PDF documents are used, you need a PDF protection solution that uses US government approved AES encryption, IP restrictions, licensing controls, public key technology and more to safeguard your PDF files and content from misuse.