Which is The Best Laptop Company HP or Dell? Unbiased Comparison

hp vs dell laptops

Everyone knows that laptops are an essential part of our lives regardless of whatever we do. You need a laptop if you are a student, designer, writer, or work in an office. There is no other way to survive without having a gadget like this in your life. Especially during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire world shifts from offices to working from home so this increases laptop demands.

Due to this, there are a lot of laptop brands in the market that makes it difficult for the customers to choose from. The two of the most popular laptop brands are Dell and HP, and here is the tricky part. Both of these are popular and reliable making things difficult for customers so here is an unbiased comparison in Dell vs HP laptops.

hp vs dell laptops

Dell vs. HP – Price

If you are tight on budget, then surely you want to go with a Dell laptop as it is the cheaper option in between both of these. However, it has the same specifications. But the Dell laptop is cheaper compared to its HP counterpart. Moreover, the top-end quality laptops by Dell like Alienware are even cheaper in comparison to top-end devices by HP.

Dell vs. HP – Design

When the point is about laptop design then HP is on the top. Most of the HP devices are available in sleek, sophisticated and slim design. On the other side, Dell has a bit criticized design that is standard but lacks innovation. Also, HP laptops are superior in built quality.

However, there is still one design aspect by Dell that beats HP and it is the colors. Dells provide its customers a whole knack of colors to choose from.

Dell vs. HP – Components

Do not think that the lower prices of dell provide you with compromising specs. Even though Dell is cheaper, it still never compromises on the quality and specifications of its components. But the fact is that Dell offers you a lot of flexibility when the point is about components.

In fact, Dell enables the customers to customize components according to their needs or they can select from different variants of the same laptop. On the other hand, HP does not provide you to customize this much.

Dell vs. HP – Technology

Both of these laptop brands use the best and latest technology. Although, HP comes under all the market leaders when the point is about new technology and innovation. It is because Dell focuses on making their laptops durable and long-lasting. And HP focuses on providing innovative technology attracting customers.

Dell vs HP – Customer Support

When we mention customer support then no one can go up than Dell because it has the best customer support in the market. Dell’s customer support is the most efficient, fastest and helpful. You will get an immediate response while facing any kind of problem in your device.

However, it does not mean that HP is not good. But HP customers have to wait longer and sometimes it gets inconvenient.

Dell vs. HP – Performance

Currently, Dell offers you some of the best-performing laptops and they have been doing this for a long time. But still, it never reaches the top customer satisfaction. Dell is always on the above-average point of performance. It is because Dell devices have high-quality fast processors with large RAM so this gets expensive.

But if you are not on budget and can spend a good amount then Dell is the choice.

Dell vs. HP – Features

Particularly features are the additional bells that the manufacturers add in their devices to make it richer than it actually are. Most of these features are mostly redundant and most of them are not of much use. But some might be useful for some tech friendly people.

HP has its own strategy around the laptops as it is mostly for the entertainment aspect of the device. Watching a movie on an HP laptop on a budget is a better experience in comparison to watching that same movie on a Dell device. Dell has a collaboration with companies like Beats by Dre and others that clearly shows that it does not care about user experience when the point is about entertainment. So it is fine to mention that HP laptops are feature-rich.

On the other hand, Dell has quite less features as their main focus is the practicality of the machine to make it run longer. A Dell laptop has great battery life and careful charging can make it work for many years.

Final Words

To conclude, if you are on a budget and thinking about Dell vs HP laptops then Dell is the deal for you. For sure it is reliable and gives you great customer service. But if you have enough cash and want quality with design then HP is a great buy.