Laptop Protections, are they necessary?

Alright, so you get your laptop in the mail straight from that big name company, you spent about $1500 on all those gizmos and gadgets, it is totally decked out with all the special features, and the first thing that happens is everyone wants to take a look at it.  All of the sudden you become a selfish monster because you forgot the one important thing, laptop protection! You are so scared to get just one little bitty scratch on your laptop! Laptop protection could help you avoid all of this stress!

You want to take your laptop to work, the park, and that fast food restaurant down the street, but you even forgot the carrying case.  What happened to your life, one minute it was all good, now you’re pulling your hair out because you forgot your laptop’s protection.  You feel like you basically through $1500 down the drain! Calm down you! You didn’t waste any money.

Most retail stores have laptop carrying cases, and if you got a Mac, they even have plastic cases to surround the new Macbooks! Laptop protection is a booming industry.  Messenger bags now even double as laptop protection.  So don’t you worry, your new baby can find its home in one of these new snug holders. Also to get the best protection, and the most snug fit for your new pride and joy, you can usually log on to the dealers website and buy your specific brand of protection, whether that includes cases, carrying bags, or even warranties. They have just about everything for everyone.

laptop protection

But why even get protection? Maybe you think you don’t need it. Well listen to this, most of the time, things happen when you aren’t prepared for them.  It’s simply Murphy’s Law coming into effect. You can prepare or not and the same thing that is going to happen one way can happen another. So let me ask you this, if you end up with a laptop that became your 3 year olds finger paint toy, or you get a laptop that becomes your 13 year olds newest coaster for cold drinks. You need some protection. You should especially consider data protection. Data protection can save you from all of those nasty losses like credit card numbers, account numbers, and even passwords. We have all been there and we all know that it isn’t any fun at all.
laptop protection1

So you should probably get some laptop protection so you don’t have to stress about all these stressors. Laptops are too valuable to have them screwed up. Not to mention that nothing is worth losing your family over, especially not freaking out on them because they sat their bags of M&M’s nearby and they actually did melt in the hand and not in the mouth? These are the kinds of situations you face when you don’t purchase any kind of laptop protection. So suit up and get going with your new armor plated laptop!