Laptop vs Desktop: Which System Is Appropriate For Work From Home?

As the spread of coronavirus has increased, the majority of the companies encouraged their employees to work from home. It has become common worldwide. However, the productivity of employees may get disturbed while working from home. It is because tons of other distractions that a person do not face working in an office environment. Therefore, building up a proper working station at your home will help you evade lots of distractions. The necessary element of your working station is the computer.

Choosing the correct computer as per the requirement will always serve the purpose. Selecting the wrong computer might become a nightmare for you. It will not only become the wastage of time as well as may become heavy in your pocket.

Desktop vs Laptop

Considering the laptop vs desktop comparison, both types of systems have their advantages and disadvantages. But for the majority laptop is their priority while working from home. The laptop does not require huge spaces and also very convenient to move wherever upon requirement, especially working around family. It can save hours while you are produced whenever there is a power outbreak—all these luxuries you miss on desktop computers.

Laptop vs Desktop: The Choice Is Yours

1.      Pricing and Affordability

At the very least, budget-conscious businessmen or employees should only consider desktop computers for their affordability. There is a variety of types available in the market from $ 250 to $ 2500. If you don’t mind work sitting on your desk, you’ll have a faster computer at a reasonable price. The extra power may be important because a medium-sized desktop computer can easily complete multitasking meetings, which will overwhelm a similarly priced laptop.

However, there are a few things to remember. The first is that if you don’t consider the cost of decent keyboards, mice and monitors, the cost of a desktop computer can be tempting. You can get decent quality computer accessories in approximately $250 that includes webcam too. While laptops provide an added advantage that it saves you from the hassle of buying new accessories.

The laptops may be cheaper than you think. Today, you can buy a laptop with decent configurations for around $ 300, which includes a 13-inch HD display and a processor that can handle daily tasks without sacrificing speed. So while desktop computers still have a higher value, the pricing gap is not as great as before.

2.      Easy On Maintenance

Desktop computers are convenient to repair and maintain than laptops. Even simple issues can lead you to send your laptop to the company for a warranty, which can take days. Repairing the laptop is not easy.

On the other hand, simple maintenance (such as removing dust from inside a computer case or replacing a defective RAM or hard drive) is a very simple task on a desktop computer, and almost anyone can complete it, especially if you go through tutorials.

3.      Ease on Movement

Laptops are the best choice for employees who need to maintain productivity while working from home. Modern laptops are extremely thin and stylish, and the latest models are also lightweight and are only half an inch thick. Thin and light laptops are perfect for people who need to take them with them when they wake up and move around.

Not only during working from home days but also during normal office working days laptop sounds very convenient. By the help of cloud storage, you can access your work files at home without dragging your laptop to and from the office. It easy to access documents and files to the Internet, so you can leave your desktop computer in the office and use your laptop.

4.      Performance

The desktop computer provides more power than a laptop. They are almost always available at similar prices with swift processors and an extra bit of RAM than laptops. Desktop systems can also have extremely powerful dedicated graphics cards that can give a huge boost to some tasks like 3D designing and video editing.

Desktop computers, even in heavy multitasking, can make your system run well and cool. This is important because overheating can cause the computer to run very slowly. This is why many laptops have low-power processors to keep them cool.

On the other hand, even a medium-sized laptop can provide powerful functions for employees who just need to edit documents, check email and browse the Web. If your workload is not difficult, laptops serve the purpose pretty well.

5.      Easiness

Choose a laptop instead of a desktop computer because it’s easier to buy and use. Buying a desktop computer means you need to buy many accessories, including a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It can also be difficult to set up, and you may need to crawl under your desk to connect cables and plug things in. The laptop allows you to skip all of these and start working immediately after turning the system on. For simplicity and ease of use, you cannot go beyond a simple laptop.


Depending upon your usage, both laptops and desktop computers have their pros and cons. Today, with the normal office working requirement, a laptop is the most obvious choice. But you are into some heavy graphic designing thing and require lots of power then desktop computers are preferred.

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