Tips for Keeping your Laptop Secure while Traveling

People take their laptops during travel mainly, for work purpose. But apart from work, it could come handy to provide travel guides, maps and location on certain places. It can assist you to do multiple research for areas you plan on visiting. But carrying it everywhere won’t be a smart thing to do. They’re many robbers on the loose looking for loot. Taking care of the passport is a big responsibility already! Additional baggage that needs taking care of will cause a headache. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s better to purchase cheap laptops for your travelling if you’re going for a more extended period of time. You can avail Kofax Discount Codes to purchase laptops on a discounted price. In this blog, I have given out some tips that might help you keep your travelling laptops safe and secure. These hacks will help you enjoy your travels without having to worry about your travelling laptop. Let’s check them out:

Tips for keeping Travelling Laptop Secure

1) Keep it in a Safe

Your hotel’s room safe is the best place to keep your laptop safe and secure. While travelling, you can’t carry your laptop everywhere. If you’re going out for a stroll or grabbing a bite to it than its better, you keep the laptop in a safe or leave it somewhere hidden in your hotel room. Hang a “Do not Disturb” sign on the door when leaving. It will seem as the room is busy. This is one of the smartest tricks for keeping travelling laptops safe and secure.

2) Back-Up Data

Before you travel, make sure to back up all valuable data. You don’t want to lose important, valuable files if your laptop gets stolen right. You can make use of an encrypted thumb drive for this purpose. Back it all up and keep that thumb drive back in your home town. All the information, stored on your laptop is more valuable than the laptop itself, especially if you’re running a business. You don’t want to lose all that client information. Trust me! Like I say it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, don’t be a fool and keep travelling laptops secure at all times.

3) Keep It in your Hand Carry

Never put your laptop in your checked-in luggage. Baggage handlers don’t handle these laptops with care. They toss this luggage’s from the conveyer belts on to the truckload aimlessly. Many items get broken and damage in the process. You don’t want your laptop to be one of them. Keeping it in your hand carry, close to you is the best option. Thus, keep this tip in mind before you pack your bags for your next travels. This hack will keep your travelling laptops secure.

4) Label It Properly

Labelling keeps your travelling laptop secure when passing it through metal detectors. A lot of notebooks get mixed up during this metal detection process. Write your name, contact number and address on the label. Do this before leaving for the airport. When you provide a label for your laptop it will help you recognise it among other laptops when passing through the metal detection test. Apart from this process, if you misplace it by any chance, with the help of your address, it could be returned to you by other people.

5) Install Protection Software

Give your protection software’s an update or install new ones if you haven’t. Firewalls and anti-software will help clear out any sort of viruses coming in your laptop from unsecured networks. So, do give your laptops security software’s a thorough check and an up-gradation before heading out to the airport. This tip will keep your travelling laptops safe and secure.

6) Get yourself a Decent Bag for your Laptop

Carrying your laptop in your travel bag is a big no! If you lose your bag? What will you do then? Get yourself a heavy-duty bag for this purpose, probably the one with lots of inner compartments to hold your charger cables and lock in straps. The laptop bag must also come with a comfortable shoulder strap and a backing made from nesh to keep your backlight and dry.

Try looking for a laptop backpack instead of a side one. A laptop backpack will carry your notebook easily for you. Especially a bag that’s not too prominent. Avoid carrying a briefcase; a briefcase has that green dollar sign written all over it. It will increase your chances of getting mugged. Get yourself a waterproof and a well-padded bag. Don’t go for the cheap ones. A sturdy backpack with additional compartments will be great for your adventures. This tip will keep your travelling laptops secure for sure.

Wrapping it All Up

Avoid any Windows update installation before travelling. Also, get a maintenance check before setting off for the trip of your laptop, especially if you’re travelling for work. Check if the fan on the sides of the laptop is working properly. Prevent you’re travelling laptops from getting stolen or damaged by following the tips given above. If you like this blog, then give us feedback in the comment section down below.

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