Website Design 101: How One Can Create a Great Website Design

website design tips

A website is very essential for every business. It’s an added advantage. People have the tendency to trust your company or not depending on your website alone. 

The design of your website must be in such a way that it is attractive but at the same time informative. The site should reflect your ideas and company ideals through the design. It should also be built in such a way that it is easier to navigate. 

website design tips

You need not be a professional website designer to bring out the best design for your website. You can choose from the professional web design companies that offer website design services for your website. That way you can have the professionals to take care of the work. 

Over here, you will understand some of the basics of web design and how you can create a great one. So, let’s get started!

Points to know for a great website design

You might find it overwhelming when you stare at a blank page before getting started. But to get started, all you will need is to remember what you want and what you need. We have listed out some points for you to remember to create a great web design. These are:

You might find it overwhelming when you stare at a blank page before getting started. But to get started, all you will need is to remember what you want and what you need. We have listed out some points for you to remember to create a great web design. These are:

1. The structure of your website

The website has to be structured in such a way that the users get to find what they are looking for. There shouldn’t be numerous pages opening up before they find what they need. 

The site should be designed in such a way that a user can access things with fewer clicks. That is why the navigation of your website is very important. People get irritated when it takes them a long time to find what they want. 

Include pages that you think are important. You can add a page that talks about the services you offer. With that, you can also have a blog page, FAQs, and anything you feel necessary to improve engagement with the users.

2. User experience

It might be your website, but you have to design it to improve and maximize the user experience of your visitors. While designing your website you need to remember about the user experience and design it accordingly. 

Don’t create a clutter of information on your website. Put in only the much-needed details and simpler words. 

If you are designing a website for shopping, have different categories for the things that you offer. Such as for men, for women, for kids, etc. That way, the items are categorized and users can navigate easily.  

3. The color and theme

This is the most important point to remember while designing your website. Your website needs to have a color that makes it attractive and tempting to explore. You can use contrasting colors to give it a nice look. 

The color has to be picked in such a way that the letters are visible to the users. For instance, a baby pink color font on a white background could be hard to read. 

Do not make it difficult for people to read your content. Adding numerous colors can also make your site look terrible. Pick out the best colors that are simple but elegant. 

4. The font and its size

As much as the color of the text is important, the font is also important. You will have to select a legible font. No matter how cool your font is, if it is hard to read for the users, then it is a failure.

The size of the font also matters. Pick the right size for your font that is easier for people of all age levels to read. If your website is for a software company that builds products, then you can display the new product in bold and large text. 

You can manipulate the font and its size according to its importance. That way your viewers can know that there’s something new to look into. 

5. Pictures and videos

This is an interesting and simple point to remember. You can add new images and videos to your website. For instance, if your website is for a mobile manufacturing company, then you can post a video about the new features of your new product. 

You can also add sufficient images of the product from different angles. This way, your users would know how the product looks and works. It gives them an idea about it. 

The images and videos have to be unique and not plagiarized. Insert these images and videos in place that you find fit and complement them with some texts.

6. A chatbox

Install a quick chatbox on your website so that people can get in touch with you for any queries, instead of searching for it in the FAQs. With a chatbox, the AI will attend to any queries submitted by users on your website. 

Also, make your chatbox accessible at all times. You will never know when someone has doubts. Always be alert for the notification. 

7. Page layout for multiple devices

Your page layout should be in such a way that the users could access what they want immediately. For instance, if there is an image when the site opens and all the other information is below, your users would leave the page immediately. 

Also, you will have to keep in mind to have different layouts for multiple devices. You never know which device the external user would use to access your page.

Oftentimes, people tend to explore things on a mobile device and rarely on desktops. So, your page must have a layout for mobile as well as a desktop. That way, it looks good and structured rather than being disorganized. 

Closing thoughts

A website design is not a complicated task when you know a little about the basics. The article has covered those points that you will have to remember for website designing. 

If you don’t feel confident about yourself to do the job then you can always hire a company that is good at this job. 

Overall you should have an organized website as it represents your company and its employees. So, make the best of it.

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