Best Adware Remover for your PC

What is adware

Adware is a piece of software that does one thing, annoys the user. Technically it is a program that was designed to deliver ads to the end-users. These programs usually come from your downloads which tries to lure you to press OK with its terms or perhaps permits you to download something like a legitimate program or an essential file. But most users do not read or care what comes with their downloads before clicking “agree” from shady sources.

At such there are instances that adware is installed into their system without them realizing it. Then that piece of software diverts or redirects search queries into other websites or links. Others have pop up ads every time you press your keyboard. Because of the nuisance it creates, removing it becomes the priority of users.

How do you remove adware

Removing adware can be as easy as trying to uninstall average software. This is more prominent in the Windows environment as more people use it and better gains can be had because of the ads. The easy way is to go through the control panel and click programs and features. Then look for application names that you particularly sure you did not install.


Uninstalling through this manner is fairly straight forward. You have to press confirmation about the uninstallation and you are good to go. But there are instances that adware is more persistent than expected. Although it can be uninstalled by the user the process can be long and tedious as you need to look for folders to find where the specific files are hidden.

This calls for a better option which is automation. And there’s nothing easier than installing an adware remover in your system. If you are looking for one, here are among the best that will help you get rid of that pesky ad pop-ups.

Best free adware remover

There are dozens of adware removal tool in the market. What is better is there are free options that offer removal services. Although these programs often run with ads, they are not a nuisance like adware. And free does not mean it was scrimped of features either.

Avira Free

This is among the best antivirus for long years. It has a simple interface that works well for non-tech users. It comes with an antivirus and adware remover. It has other functionality as well for its paid version. But just to cover the essentials, the free version is pretty well-packed.

Spybot Search and Destroy

This app is geared towards Spybot removal like adware. This makes it a more specific program to remove pesky and annoying programs trying to divert your browser. The one with antivirus is on the paid version. Still, if you just need to take down adware, this works quite well. 

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

If you want a minimalist program to get adware in check, this is it. While it is a full-blown Antivirus, it has a good rating when it comes to adware removal. The good thing about this program is it comes with a simple interface and it does not ask too many questions when you install it. It runs smoothly and performs well.


This is a part of Malwarebytes family but it is specially designed to tackle adware. It’s free, minimalist and it can work with hard to find adware. It works with an adware-infected system fairly well.

Best adware removal tool


Malwarebytes is a name to reckon when it comes to adware and spyware plying your system. It is a paid app that works even with an infected system.  It protects you from fraudulent transactions and even ransomware. It has a 14 –day trial for you to test-run the security it offers.

Hitman Pro

This antimalware which has a minimal footprint. It uses multiple databases to identify malware. It also comes with a deep clean function which helps eliminate adware and malware through cleaning the broken file systems after an infection.

 Zemana Antimalware

This is an online-based, paid service that uses multiple tools to identify threats. It offers fast, cloud-based scanning. It is light on resources yet powerful enough to get rid of adware from your system. It comes with an adware prevention feature that stops adware from installing in the first place.

BitDefender Adware remover

This is a powerful tool for removing adware. It is part of the Bitdefender Antivirus lineup.  This is user-friendly which is fairly easy to setup.  It can detect and clean adware completely without the need to fiddle with a lot of settings.

Total AV

 The company behind this program is fairly new but it does not scrimp on features. Total AV can operate quietly in the background with minimal alerts that pop-ups. This also makes it lightweight when it comes on resources. It works well and it has a free version for those who wanted to do a test run before paying.

McAfee Antivirus

This brand is among the top choice when it comes to total system protection. It is an antivirus and malware removal tool. It can detect and remove suspicious programs that are potentially harmful to your system. It comes with a simple installation yet has a very efficient detection algorithm.


Although this brand is mostly associated with their free version, the pain ones come well-equipped when it comes to protecting your system from cyber attacks. It is a complete security suite and it comes with adware prevention to boot. This means it will prevent the installation of adware, stopping unwanted ads from popping on your screen.