How to Improve the Gaming Experience on a Laptop

Gaming has become a very essential part of a person’s life, these days people find it hard to avoid games be it on mobile or laptop. Sometimes, your experience doesn’t go very nice when playing on a laptop which is why some improvements are needed so that your exposure on a laptop can be interesting as well.

The following are a few techniques that you can apply to optimize your laptop for a better gaming experience.

The laptop must be cleaned and dust free regularly

Your laptop must be able to give an active attitude towards physical maintenance which promises improved performance. that is why you have to make sure that the performance is not affected by any dust or dirt. The airflow will be reduced when the laptop gets hot. If that happens then the components of your laptop can slow down which affects the mechanism of gaming. It is not very simple to remove the dirt because your laptop is always sealed and packed. Warranty can be affected if you try to open it which is why some basic strategies of cleaning must be used. not only the vents must be clean but a tidy keyboard is significant as well. Your keys must not remain sticky anymore.

Laptop drivers must be updated

The hardware of almost all laptops is windows Linux or Mac OS is the same. this means the device drivers must be upgraded no matter which operating system is in use.

The latest version of direct X is significant

If you are using Windows then direct X is a necessity. If you’re using another model of the laptop then to check the version of your direct X, follow the below-mentioned steps

  • First, you need to open the run menu so press WIN + R
  • Enter dxdiag
  • This is a direct X diagnostic tool that has to be loaded after you enter it
  • Next is to open the render tab so that you can find all the necessary information about the graphics card
  • Then you have to search for direct 3D DDI in the driver’s pane
  • The numbering has to be done according to the upgraded version of DirectX

You have to make sure that gaming and auto drivers go hand in hand. The sound tab of the DirectX diagnostic tool can let you know about your current status of the audio driver.

Power settings of your laptop must be properly adjusted

Sometimes any kind of effective power management is not needed on a few devices. but in case of laptops if you want to have a better gaming experience then management of power is quite a big deal. connect your laptop to a strong power outlet for a good journey through the Kingdom of games. Now take a look at the power settings of the computer and follow the given steps.

  • Go to settings
  • open the system
  • press power and sleep

Choose additional power settings The option of high performance will be available or else you can choose change plan settings and click on Change advanced power settings to make sure no adjustments have been made in the past.

Activate the game mode of your laptop

An Xbox app is present in your laptops that hold various characteristics like screen recording streaming game mode etc. Either you activate the game mode on a laptop or optimize your laptop for gaming both are easy processes. To make Xbox panel visible on the screen press win plus G. a message will pop up yes this is a game box. on the right side game mode button will be present on the game bar. with one click you can activate the game mode. optimum settings will be required to run the game by OS once the game mode has been enabled. For this purpose, many of the background tasks will be closed.

Increased laptops FP

Before clicking the play in-stream not forget to close all the other apps. For your Shorty check the system tray that can show the list of apps running in the background. Click on the right side of each icon to shut them down. it doesn’t mean you have to close the graphics card management app. something that can be kept running in the background is digital download service or else nothing.

Use of External Gadgets

When it comes to gaming I personally prefer to use a separate mouse as it allows more control and can increase the pressing and touching capabilities during games which is an important factor for multi-player games as a split-second could change the whole scenario. Meanwhile, I also prefer to use a gaming headset which allows me to keep a track of what’s going on in the game in terms of firing, explosions, choppers, machine guns and grenades etc. Moreover, it’s crucial to know if you are near an enemy and gaming headset can certainly help with that by reducing the external noises and letting you focus on the footsteps. HyperX has produced many of my favourite gaming gadgets when it comes to managing noise and taking my gaming skills to next level.

Avoid automatic updates

This can be a great headache. It is because you keep forgetting that update is being installed from time to time. the performance can be disturbed through reminders and. Uninstalled updates as well.

You cannot permanently disable the feature of updates but for temporary use, while making your gaming debuts, you can keep the computer offline or install the updates at another time or block the updates for the suggested period.

Updates are also pushed when you have multiple games installed on your laptop. one game pushes the update to run in the background when you are playing another game. To avoid this problem open steam and go to the settings, press the download tabs and allow the downloads during gameplay. Click OK to make this change.

You can always set update rules for the individual games too. once you reach the steam menu, right-click the game go to properties and press updates to see if you are satisfied with the options for automatic updates and background downloads.

Graphics card settings in your laptop

If you want to run a game smoothly without any disturbance then check settings of your graphics card. This lets you have control over the details of texture to let you know how your game looks. performance must not be compromised so choose the configuration that suits best to it. your ram will be highly consumed with the textures that have a high resolution which will affect the rate of the frame. Preferences for texture and shade can be applied to individual games only if high settings are available to the older ones. while playing you can adjust the video settings of the games from the settings screen of the display. you’ll see the effective result of your effort once you have set the games to an optimum level because the performance will be extraordinary.


Very lesser people know this fact that the gaming performance can be improved on your laptop most of the tips may work for Windows 10 exclusively but you can always give it a try on other models like macOS and Linux. You should try it. The above-mentioned tactics at least once if you want to have good gaming experience. the reviews show that the processors have worked for a majority of people before and who knows it would be a game-changer for you as well.

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