Best Apps for your Laptop Battery Testing 2021

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There are many essential parts of a laptop, but one of the laptop’s most important components is the battery. Yet, it is the most ignored one, and many people don’t just pay attention to it. They only bother about putting the laptop on and getting it to work without realizing that a big part of that possibility is because of the battery.

Many people don’t pay much attention to the battery of a laptop. This probably starts with the makers themselves, providing very little information about the battery. All you get is a small battery indicator showing the battery percentage and time left. 

With time, you would start to notice that battery errors are creeping in. The battery is no longer able to work for as long as it used to. The reading on the battery indicator also starts to fluctuate.

If you want to get more information about the health of your battery, then you need to get a third-party battery app. This will show you all the essential details about your battery and battery life. You can also make use of this software to ensure that you maximize the performance of your battery.

Some of these third-party battery apps that you can use to help your laptop battery are discussed below.


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This is one of the most popular apps for laptop batteries because of how simple it is. It is a free battery testing app that also shows you all the details and information about your laptop’s battery life.

This app has a very small size, but it is able to show you all the current details about the battery’s condition. Some of these details include battery power, developer name, battery brand, serial numbers, etc.

This app has a log that is refreshed every 30 seconds or whatever time interval that is chosen. It regularly displays the battery health for the owner to see and do the right thing accordingly.

Also, you don’t have to install it or load a DLL file with it, and it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Battery Optimizer

This is another free app that goes beyond just displaying your laptop battery’s health status and will also help you optimize the battery and improve its performance. These apps run constant checks on the laptop to identify those things that can improve to boost the battery’s performance.

The state-of-art technique which it uses optimizes the battery life and increases its work efficiency. You also get suggestions on things you can do and the approximate amount of time the action will save.

According to assignment help, this app can track your laptop battery’s consumption over some time and give you a notification whenever the battery use passes the parameter that you set. Battery optimizer uses a progressive technology that allows it to identify, track, and improve your battery life’s efficiency in a safe, quick, and convenient manner. The fact that it takes up very little to no space on your laptop means that it doesn’t slow your computer down in any way while it carries out its optimization functions.

Battery Mon

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Battery Mon is another very popular tool for checking the health of your battery. It has an interface on which it displays all the details related to your battery for you to see. This free app monitors your laptop battery’s performance and status regularly and is always looking for ways to help improve the life of the battery.

This app has several exciting features, such as its ability to provide numerous details about your laptop battery, such as the remaining battery, drainage rate, efficiency, power source, current status, etc. There are also extra details that you have access to, such as the battery name, charge cycle, serial number, voltage, etc. With this app, you are able to view the system power details, mini mode change, battery histogram, and so on. You also have access to several setting options such as changing the mini window transparency, using the desktop system tray to develop symbols, offering a user guide, minimal resource usage, good response time to different commands, etc.


This simple-to-use app for testing laptop battery is an ideal app for different users (professionals or beginners). It works with various notebooks and shows you all the details about your battery health.

It displays the different battery status parts with information such as manufacturer names, voltage, current condition, etc. It has a very responsive and user-friendly interface and is also easy to install. This app can also reveal the battery’s temperature, charge cycles, and the remaining time before the battery drainage warning.


You can use numerous apps to take care of and be informed about the health of your laptop battery. It is not enough to just use the laptop like the battery is not essential. There wouldn’t be a laptop without the battery.


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