Best Laptop Bags to keep your laptop safe and secure

If you have invested well enough on a certain gadget, you will feel it difficult if you find damages on it. Thus, for your laptop, it would be a wise decision to find something that actually offers protection and mobility in one package. If you’re in the market trying to find one that would suit your needs, here are some of best laptop bags the market can offer.

How to choose the best laptop bag

Laptop bags keep the laptop safe and secure from any breakage while you are on the go. Remember that the laptop bag is the only thing which is between your laptop and the damaging elements of the world so make it clear in your mind while buying a laptop bag that the laptop bag must be the one which should be chosen keeping the quality in mind regardless the price of the bag. There are some other factors other than the price and quality such as its usage, surrounding, size, material, trends and the color of the bags available.

When you buy a new laptop from the store or from manufacturer’s outlet they usually come with a black non-descript bag which is usually not that safe and hard to protect your laptop fully and some time the buyer kept stuck to that bag forever and do not change it as according to him its branded, made for that laptop keeping the laptops structure, size and weight in mind. But usually this approach of the person stray him from the fact that, that bag is not functionally efficient to keep the laptop fully secure.

Buying the right bag

Buying a right laptop bag is as important as buying a laptop so for that you should go to Google and search for the verity of bags available for the customers and look on their styles and types and from that pick the right bag for you as it has a great impact on that what you do and where you go. Make sure that you want a professional look for your bag or a flamboyant casual look.

best laptop bags - Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache

Bags available

Now a day, there is a long list of bags available for you such as top loading laptop bags, messenger Style laptop bags, ladies laptop bags, rolling laptop bags, brief bag laptop bags, backpack laptop bags and laptop bags designed especially for men.

Price and quality

While buying a laptop bag which is the only thing which is between your laptop and the damaging elements of the world. Keep this thing in your mind that the laptop bag must be the one which should be chosen keeping the quality in mind regardless the price of the bag because when it comes to the quality which makes the laptop secure you should bear any price for that rather buying a cheap one and then making your laptop get damaged by its lack of protection.

15.6 laptop sleeve - AmazonBasics 15.6 Inch Laptop and Tablet Case


Next thing that must be kept in mind that the size of the bag must be in accordance with the size of the laptop because when it fits in the bags a the specification it protects the laptop from getting strangled  while moving from one place to another.


The next thing you should keep in consideration is the material of the bag as its water resistant or not, it is made out  from a tough, durable material or it can resist weight or temperature keeping the surrounding and your work place environment in your mind.


As an ordinary laptop bag usually weighs about 3kgs so  make sure that the bag should not weighs more than the laptop as if it weighs more than laptop it will become a big task for you and make you irritate while moving places. Look for strong but yet lightweight materials such as polyester blends.

Accessories and features

Also keep that in mind that a good laptop bag is the one that offer interior power modules such as a convenient space for your accessories and has some quick access pockets for your cell phone and has a separate pocket for your useful documents and tickets while you are travelling.


Also look for the warranty of the bag you bought because it gives you peace of mind about that products durability.

Best Laptop Bags

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Briggs & Riley Verb Contact Medium Brief

This is among the great laptop carrying cases around. It offers padded protection for computers up to 15 inches in size. It is made out of strong fabric that can resist tears. For added security, it features bright orange interiors so you can easily spot if you’ve left a pocket unzipped. This bag is quite versatile which have three sections that include the airport-friendly laptop compartment, a fan file compartment and an organizer compartment with smaller pockets for small items you might need along the way. It can easily be inserted into your other luggage so you won’t have a hard time packing it. It has a removable shoulder strap and a top handle so you can carry it in a way you prefer.

Tumi Laptop Brief

This laptop bag can be set in many ways you could have wished for. It is primarily designed as a laptop backpack to keep your hands free while carrying up to a 15-inch laptop and other stuff you might need. It features padded backpack straps and are curved for topnotch comfort. Of course, they can also be tucked away if you feel it is better to carry it like a briefcase with its top handle. Even more interesting is that it has a detachable shoulder strap if you wanted to use it as a messenger bag. Further, you may use a pocket at the back so you may easily attach this bag on top of your other luggage. It has solid construction with a durable nylon fabric employed that should make this your last laptop bag purchase for quite a long time.

best laptop bags - Tumi Laptop Brief

Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17″ Toploader

This bag has wrapped, bale handles for comfort. It features SmartPocket slides for its upright handles for easier mobility. It has an easy access quick stash front pocket if you ever needed one. It comes with padded, removable adjustable shoulder strap to match individual preferences. It has a padded laptop compartment so you can have confidence while carrying your computer. Its classic two gusset business briefcase is crafted of rugged 1680D ballistic nylon so you can expect lasting durability. Further, it can easily fit 17″ laptops so you have everything covered here.

best laptop bags - Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17 inch Toploader

Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache

This bag offers padded laptop compartment walls to provide extra protection for your gadget. It has internal divider to keep your documents separated from each other.  Its front pocket panel provides enough organization for small daily accessories you might need. The same front pockets come with a wide base for bulky items like a power brick so space isn’t really a problem here. Its top-load access allows you to easily slide your laptop in and out without problems. Further, it comes with padded handles and a removable strap that features anti-slip shoulder pad for added peace of mind.

best laptop bags - Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache

Solo Classic

The last on our list of best laptop bags has classy Colombian leather. It has a padded pocket that can keep up to 16-inch laptops. The space for the laptop, although not a completely separate compartment, features padding that have a security strap to secure your gadget. On the same fold-over flap is the laptop pocket which has a set of two pockets that looks basic but features handy features inside which includes built-in holders for pens, credit cards or a cell phone for a well-organized look. Certainly, this bag features a classic look with enough space that caters the modern world.

best laptop bags - SOLO Classic

Top Three Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack

If you’re not satisfied with a laptop bag and looking for a backpack that will both spare your back from aches and pains and provide plenty of room for both your laptop and a lot of other belongings, then the Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack is the perfect choice for you. Not only does it look great it also has shock absorbing shoulder straps which distribute weight evenly on your shoulders and back, thereby keeping you comfortable even when you have to carry it for hours. Here are the top three Swiss gear laptop backpack that you’ll definitely worth your money.

Swiss Gear Ibex 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

The Swiss Gear Ibex 17-Inch Notebook Backpack features the amazing Comp-u-Flex computer pocket, which will fit your 17 inch laptop snugly and thereby keep it safer. It has three main compartments to assure that you have plenty of room for your belongings. Thanks to the Air-Flow back padding, your back will remain cool even when your pack is fully loaded and the backpack also features a quick pocket to hold small items, such as a phone or and MP3 player. There is also an Essentials Organizer in the front pocket for your gadgets and accessories. The backpack held all the stuff you could ever ask for more. The backpack has over 10 zippers and they are real heavy duty and the fact that the backpack has so many pockets, only makes it easy for the user to stay organized throughout the day.

Swiss Gear Ibex 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Swiss Gear SA1908 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

If you’re looking for a backpack that’ll fit different sizes of laptops snugly, this Swiss Gear SA1908 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack in Black is the perfect choice. It features adjustable padded laptop straps, making sure that your laptop is protected and it can fit up to 17 inches laptops. The backpack has several compartments, assuring that you have plenty of room for all the belongings you need to bring with you on your way.

The SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack features the amazing AirFlow Back System. It provides extra padding against your back for comfort and airflow, making sure your back is kept cool even when you’re fully packed and carrying your backpack around for hours. The Swiss Gear SA1908 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack also features an Organizer Pocket on the inside, providing room for your pens, pencils, CD’s, MP3 players and a cellphone.

Swiss Gear SA1908 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

Swiss Gear SA1923 ScanSmart Black Laptop Backpack

The Swiss Gear SA1923 ScanSmart Black Backpack features everything from a water bottle holder to an eyeglass holder to amazing audio and media pockets holders that will fit all your accessories like cellphones and MP3 players. The backpack assures that your laptop and other equipment is kept safe and there is plenty of room to bring books and folders with you as well. The backpack weighs only 4 pounds and it measures 15 x 8.5 x 17.5 inches. It is has plenty of space for his laptop, cables, books, documents, pens and whatever else you may need on his trips. You will love the ScanSmart features, meaning that you does not have to remove your laptop from your backpack in airports, it’ll save you both time and effort.

Swiss Gear SA1923 ScanSmart Black Laptop Backpack


Keeping these little but very useful tips in mind while buying a laptop bag. As the laptop bag is just like a companion for your laptop so make sure you buy the best there is available for you be it a

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