5 Best Laptop Brands 2020

best laptop brands

At most, people try to find the best for what they pay. By that, everything from their cellphone to their cars, they wanted to know which could be best suited for their needs without paying that much. For that, a simple list could help one decide what to buy and where to start looking. Of course, it doesn’t have to be in the number one spot to have the best. As such, this list of best laptop brands will shed some light on your choices.

List of Best Laptop Brands


best laptop brands - asus-logo

Asus is among the rising brands of laptops these days. It stays on top without much noise. While other brands may introduce more hardware updates, ASUS actually made more things lighter and slimmer without sacrificing performance. Thin units like Asus Zenbook can eat away graphics hungry applications or HD movies even though it has a thinner profile overall. It’s ROG series also are becoming very popular among the gaming community, with its superb specs that can provide gamers the video and audio that they want in a gaming laptop, ASUS ROG has been a household name when talking about gaming laptops. The company as well makes it possible to add spice to its laptop by adding a better sound (which is a piece of good news for the music lovers) set up without the steep price associated with it. Plus it has good tech support backing up in case you need one. Globally, this brand has proven much for its reliability and affordability.


best laptop brands - apple logoApple is an exclusive brand. Unlike PC systems, Apple uses their own software from their OS to their peripheral programs. This makes their system less susceptible to viruses to some extent. And this brings about another problem as prices are quite higher than average. But overall their design is astounding making them one of the best choices for mobile computing. It starts with the looks. Externally you can easily distinguish Apple from other brands making it an icon for high-end laptops. This makes some people choose this brand. Next is their ergonomics which makes mobile computing even easier at most. Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display is among the choices from this company. The display is among the best in the market which makes it a perfect choice for editing photos. Better sounds make it a good choice for movie marathons and because of its Retina Display, you surely won’t miss a moment. Of course, it commands a higher price compared to other brands but rest assured you get what you paid for.



Dell’s rise in the laptop scene for the previous year is worth noting. With the Dell XPS and Inspiron series, the company scored high on value, innovation, and selection which made them one of the best laptop brands to choose if you are planning to purchase a laptop. Dell has long been known to manufacture sturdy, efficient laptops paired with great technical support, this laptop brand is surely among the best when talked about laptop computers. Have a look at Dell XPS 13 and 15 to see why Dell is among this list.

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

best laptop brands - HP logo

And next on our list of best laptop brands is HP. This giant PC producer is among the first choice most users make. Well, for one they offer a wider range of choices for their units aiming at almost all levels of users in the market. This makes them a good choice for first-time buyers. They have a trust-worthy reliability level with good online support for their products. Their designs are good-looking making some of their units look pricier than it should be. An example is HP Envy 14 Spectre. It offers a sexy looking aluminum casing that offers a high level of visual appeal. Specs-wise, HP laptops do include an ample amount of hardware prowess to their laptops. With that, you can be sure that you’ll be getting most of your mobile computing needs. And that makes HP among the best laptop brands.


best laptop brands - samsung logo

Another giant in the world of electronics, it’s not a secret that Samsung should be on your list of the best. For one this company boasts huge choices for their computing line, from the very basic to the gaming options. The first thing you’ll notice about their offering is the style and design. Their units come with a sleek looking exterior which as well comes with a good level of ergonomics. Take for instance the Series 9 15-inch, Samsung Series 7 Chronos 17-inch and Chromebook Series 3. These choices look very sleek, it comes with good quality plastics that look astounding, seemingly mimicking the high-end units. With a good level of reliability, Samsung laptops should be in your list of best laptop brands.