Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Campaign Guide

COD Campaign guide

Call of Duty: Cold War is at it again with an all-immersive campaign mode. In this mode, you can choose to play that solo mode you’ve so badly wanted. COD mixes its characteristic fierce bullet-rain battleground with some slower-paced missions focused on stealth to give you the best feel.

COD Campaign guide

Yeah, guess that was mind-blowing. However, you’ll need a guide handy before going all into this campaign mode. In addition to these tips, here are the best cold war hacks and cheats that will help you thrive in the Cold War campaign.

About the CoD Cold War campaign

Players in the Call of duty campaign have 16 missions to choose from. In the course of these missions, you’ll visit a few locations, including Berlin, Vietnam, Cuba, and Amsterdam. In addition to Call of Duty’s regular fierce gunfights, you’ll also encounter some slow-paced combat. More so, expect battle situations in thick jungles, atmospheric cities, roof-top chases, vehicle pursuits, and lots more.

Game setting

Cold War campaign has its gameplay set in 1980 during the cold war between the then Soviet Union and the United States. The Cold war was triggered by the two superpowers striving to assume global control, followed shortly after their World War II alliance. More like what we now call the World Power.

There are lots of secret missions, espionage, double-crossing, and a handful of gunfights in the game. Worthy of note, the game is based on real-life events, making it a lot more relatable.

The campaign player assumes the role of an agent known as Bell. In the game, he is recruited by Russell Alder into a multinational team to hunt Perseus down. Also, you can play as previous COD characters, including Jason Hudson, Frank Woods, and Alex Mason. But only in some of the campaign missions can you play as Mason.

Perseus is the codename of a mysterious Soviet agent who needs to be stopped to avoid a global nuclear crisis. However, some of the survivors of the Cold war are of the belief that Perseus never existed.

The campaign is designed to last for an average of 7 hours. However, if you rush past cutscenes, you can noticeably reduce the time you’ll spend in the game. You may end up completing the campaign for as low as 4 hours if you don’t search for intel or play the minigames.

Why play CoD Cold War Campaign?

1.    Your Weapon Selection

Cold War campaign allows you to play games on your terms. In the game, you can set the difficulty level to allow you to enjoy the game irrespective of your skills level. The most important part of the game is that it allows you to have a feel of the weapons you pack into your loadout.

You get to test these weapons, taking note of the different ranges which they work best. Also, you may prefer weapons based on your playstyle. The campaign is a good place for an effective selection process.

2.    Your Settings adjustment

Just rushing into your main multiplayer game with more experienced COD players can be disastrous. Unfortunately, this is very common if you are new to the game. During your time in the campaign, use the opportunity to adjust the game settings to fit your preference before going online. Your mouse sensitivity is a very important thing to consider when it comes to your setting.

3.    Improved aiming skills

Your time in the campaign shouldn’t just be all about playing the game for the fun of it. You should take the time to improve your aiming. Compared to the multiplayer mode, you have a better allowance for improvement. This is because you can adjust the difficulty level to reduce the attacks that come your way. Creating less distraction from your aiming practice.


Nothing feels better than experiencing something you were pre-informed about. The campaign can be a haven for solo game lovers. But in addition, multiplayer gamers can use this mode as a training ground to help them get ready for online games.

So, take some time to enjoy the fun of the game. Since you can make difficult adjustment levels, take advantage of the privilege to improve your overall gaming skills.

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