Collection of Stunning Marble Coated MacBook Cases

What sets the MacBook apart from other laptops is its eye-soothing aluminum body, sleek design, and jaw-dropping performance. Being the lightest, compared to other laptop devices, anybody can carry it backpack, sleeves or any average-sized bag. 

As a Mac owner, we always want to keep its aluminum body glossy, clear and most importantly, safe. Electronic devices are always to subjected to potential damages. 

Especially, If we talk about the Mac, then it cost the earth, and at the same time, repairing, protection plans, and warranty extension are also overpriced.  

If you want to protect your precious device, then the MacBook air case is a great way to shied your device from suspected damages such as falls, spills, stains, etc. 

Are you looking for tempting MacBook cases?  Here we have compiled some best marble case to add more charm to your beautiful device.

GYMLE MacBook Air 13 Inch Marble Case

The mixture of ever-lasting white with the drips of gray color will give your precious gadget, an elegant and eye-popping look. The combination of the universal color white the splashes of sophisticated light gray look candid and subtle. 

This case is made up of hard shell plastic to deliver ultimate protection from hard knocks and scratches too. The snap-on feature will allow you to install it on tap. 

If we talk about other features, then you can access all the ports and buttons easily. It fits gently on MacBook Air 13 inch devices.  

If you are looking for more options, then you can find an amazing collection of marble cases at MacBook air case Philippines.

Rubberized Hard Shell Cover By Cosmos

The design of this case features the fusion of the snow-white with scores the bold gray that creates a keen and striking appearance on the backside. The foot piece is only white that blends with the bottom part of the device. 

The rubberized cover allows the air to go out that makes the laptop cooler. The best thing is the apple logo can be seen when the power is on. It’s transparent but not completely. 

Black Marble Case With Gold Streaks

The stunning gold streaks on the everlasting black color forge the seductive marble surface on the backside of the case. Made of heavy-duty plastic will safeguard the MacBook from scratches, dust, and spills. 

This case will give your delicate device a stunning look. You can find a variety of marble cases with eye-popping marble designs at Candy shield. Moreover, the lightweight and slim marble MacBook pro 13 inch case will prevent Mac from falls, scratches, and make it always glossy. 

Black Marble with Gray Streaks By Candy Shield

The splashes of the light gray on the black surface foster the sense of elegance.  This eye-catching case appears strong on white Macs. This is one of the best cases that not only offers a polished look but also provides great protection against falls and scratches.

The hard plastic coating offers a perfect grip, and the holes underneath the case provide ventilation to prevent the Mac from overheating. Candy shield offer completely closed cases to prevent the dust to come inside.

White Marble with The Gold Splash

The splashes of the gold onto the surface of the white look unusual and unique. If you prefer the case that that is freaky but looks sophisticated and simple, then white marble with the gold streaks by MacBook cases manila is the perfect option. 

Mosiso’s Navy Marble 

Have you ever seen navy marble with blue streaks? It looks stunning and bold. However, Mosiso is not a pure navy blue marble as it features different types of stripes and unusual designs that give it an attractive look.

If you love creative and bold designs, then navy marble will surely attract you. It is manufactured of high-quality polycarbonate material. Plus, form-fitting case great protection and has accurate cutouts to fit on ports. Also, it features raised feet beneath to provide ample airflow.

Summing Up…

This article features the Collection of Macbook Case to give your pricey device an elegant look and protect it from various potential risks.