Gaming Laptop Review: Alienware 18 alw18-3002slv

The Alienware 18 is a monster gaming powerhouse. Every element is engineered to give you the most intense experience possible. A sturdy and complex design is made for efficiency with an outer anodized-aluminum shell surface, bolstered by a magnesium alloy frame to protect the LCD. Alienware 18 is among the strongest laptops out there. With 4th technology Intel® Core i7 processors you can expertise a maximum speed. Unleash the speed and performance you might want to dominate in the whole lot you do.


The Alienware 18 is a particularly highly effective gaming PC packed into a laptop. Every element in this laptop works collectively seamlessly to create an immersive experience for every PC game out there. It can run games displaying far superior graphics than the next technology consoles, and it is usually a totally useful computer. The Alienware 18 enables you to play any sport to its full potential without having any concern about whether or not the laptop can deal with it. The laptop is very large, for it is basically the power of a top of the road gaming rig designed for portability.

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It’s perfect if you need to be able to take the total PC gaming experience with you on travels, or over to a pal’s home for example. Because of the great cooling system, even when playing an intensive game, the laptop computer may be very quiet and cool. Also, the anodized-aluminum finish and the lights make it look superior, like a tool from the future. It’s somewhat heavier than I might have wished, however that is the value you pay for unparalleled performance. The construct quality is sturdy, and each inch seems very effectively made. To put it merely, that is the king of all laptops on the subject of gaming and computing performance.


Not solely can this laptop play video games flawlessly, but it also comes with many other noteworthy features. It is customizable with the intention to change the color of the lights below the keyboard and on the sides and back. The in-built software program “Alienware Command Heart” makes this and many different things easy to do, akin to setting customized actions to sure macro keys. The keyboard works nice for gaming, the keys feel responsive and the monitor pad is positioned in just the best place and is also quite customizable. The HD display is gorgeous, and it even has assist for HDMI input so that you would use the display as a display for other devices.

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You can even plug it into an HDTV through an HDMI wire and stream it if you want to play on a much bigger screen. Plus, if mouse and keyboard gaming isn’t for you, there are plenty of USB ports to attach a controller and you can have your individual personal “more than subsequent-gen consoles” video game experience. Total, it is a very versatile laptop, it has all of the standard ports and features that good laptops come with. The microphones and camera on this laptop computer have particularly good quality, and the sound system is cutting-edge (and plenty loud).

It comes with Windows 8, which allows for very fast startup times. It comes with a driver disc, however a lot of the drivers are already pre-installed. As a result of this is a particularly powerful laptop computer, everyday laptop programs run exceedingly rapidly and smoothly. The Intel i7 processor makes this possible. Also, the eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM makes multi-tasking easy to your pc even when operating games. The laptop additionally allows for much customizing in terms of battery usage, although when playing essentially the most intensive video games I recommend being plugged in.


Each game that I examined can run on the highest settings with 60 frames per second on the HD resolution 1920 x 1080, or 1080p. That is doable because of the not just one, but TWO Nvidia GTX 770M graphics playing cards on this laptop. To place this in perspective, graphics cards are a very powerful elements in gaming PCs. The two next technology consoles are modeled after gaming PCs, and so they each have a graphics card. A single Nvidia GTX 770M is extra powerful than the graphics cards in both of the brand new consoles, and this laptop computer has two of them. With this power, this laptop can run the latest games on the very best settings, and this laptop will definitely be capable of sustain with new video games for years to come.

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The Alienware 18 gaming laptop computer is an unapologetic show of opulence and riches. It has the power to play AAA gaming titles at full 1080p HD resolution with all the eye sweet and quality settings turned up. It can even interface with a pair of external screens and offer you surround multi-monitor gaming out of the box. This powerful laptop enables a full HD gaming experience on your big screen TV and is compact enough to fit on your desk. Definitely a gaming laptop for heavy gamers.

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