3 Ways on How To Charge Laptop in Car

Technology has become so advanced that anything doesn’t seem so impossible now. Back in the old days, one couldn’t have imagined owning a gadget or a PC or a laptop but as time passed and inventions were made, the impossible was then possible. As time passed, improvements were made and new technologies arose.
Along with the technology evolving, transportation methods also varied.

While you are on the go, you would have had your gadget or laptop fully charged so that it can function when in need but what if for any reason you couldn’t charge your laptop and you had to need it while on the go? What are you going to do then? Well, charging your laptop in your car is now a possibility. New inventions have made charging your laptop in the car quite possible.
It doesn’t need anything big or huge for the laptop to be charged, the devices used take the power from the car engine and use it to charge your car.
Right here, we will discuss some of the methods that you can use in order to charge your laptop in your car. So, let’s get started-

Using Power Inverter

This is a universal solution that everyone has been resorting to in case of charging their laptop on the go. It is also relatively cheap as well. Hence, a win-win scenario, you get to charge your laptop as well as it doesn’t cost you that much.

A general mode of the power inverter is plugged into the car’s outlet and has two ordinary three pointed plugs and a pair of USB ports to plug your laptop adapter directly into the inverter. And voila, you can now charge your laptop. The inverter takes the power from your car engine and uses that power to charge your laptop. However, not everything is perfectly fine. Everything has advantages and disadvantages and so power inverter has too.

While it sounds good to charge your laptop on the go through the inverter, there are some inexpensive models of inverters that are bulky and heavy and along with that they don’t produce pure sine waves which could damage sensitive electronics. So, that’s it. It’s sort of a risk and reward situation with the inverters.
But, if you’re going to get one for yourself, make sure you research about it and make sure that it wouldn’t damage your electronic.

Using a Power Bank

This option might be quite feasible for everyone, as almost everyone who owns a gadget or an electronic device owns a power bank.

The power bank method doesn’t need your car engine’s power to charge the laptop, rather it uses the power inside the power bank to charge your laptop.

If you have a laptop with USB-C or thunderbolt charging port, you will be able to charge your laptop without involving the car at all. For this method, all you need is a power bank. The power banks have enough power to deliver charge to your laptop via the USB-C port.

Using a “Laptop Charger”

This isn’t the laptop charger that you use at your home for your laptop, rather than it’s a charger that’s specifically made for your laptop to be used in the car.

Instead of the three-pointed outlet like in the inverter, this charger is specifically made for your laptop to be used in the car. This charger is the same as the charger for cell phones to be used in cars. The only difference is that each laptop has a different charger, so you need to get the one that suits your laptop. There’s no universal charger like the cell phones have and so you need to get a charger that’s suitable for your laptop.


In today’s time, nothing seems impossible. Charging your laptop on the go might have been an odd thought and something that may have been seen as impossible.
Now, the times have changed and those that seemed impossible have been done.
In the same way, charging your laptop on the go has also been made possible. While it may damage your laptop’s battery if used frequently because the power to the device at your home and from your car’s engine is different. They aren’t the same. So, the power fluctuation may degrade your battery’s health if used more often. If you’re charging your laptop for the first time or a few times, then you might be good regarding battery health. But if you have been frequently charging it in the car, you should keep in mind that you might have to replace your laptop’s battery in the near future.