How to play osu with mouse and keyboard


Osu is a free-to-play rhythm game that you can download on your computer or laptop. It’s easy to learn how to play but hard to master! In this blog post, I will show you how to be successful when playing Osu with a mouse and keyboard for beginners!

To start, the first thing we need is a good setup where all of our needs are met. It includes having reliable peripherals such as a decent monitor in addition to speakers and headphones. You should also have up-to-date software installed, including drivers for your peripheral gaming devices like a controller if applicable, so they work perfectly with your game.


Okay, now we are ready for our first game, but what song should I pick? There is a section right below the search bar that allows you to filter songs based on difficulty. What level should we start at? For beginners, I recommend starting with easy or medium-easy maps because they will teach you how each keystroke works in order which makes the gameplay easier when combined with other keys (i.e., arrows). To select one of the easy or medium-easy maps, press on it once and then click on “select map.”

Now that you have chosen an easy or medium-easy map, we can finally start playing! But first, let me show you how to adjust your settings for gameplay to be more comfortable. We need to open up a small menu by clicking anywhere in the middle of the screen outside our current osu window called Options Mode. In this mode, a tab labeled Keyboard Shortcuts allows us to make adjustments to what each keystroke does when pressed (i.e., Replay: Spacebar).

Benefits of playing a game with a mouse and keyboard for beginners

Here we will discuss the top 3 reasons you should consider playing a game osu with a mouse and keyboard for beginners . It’s a trendy game to play on tablets or phones, but there are advantages of using a mouse and keyboard! Read below to find out more about these three compelling reasons.

Reason #01:

It’s easier to play on a mouse and keyboard. Sure, you’re used to tapping or swiping your fingers across the screen with your phone or tablet, but it can be pretty tricky to get used to playing OSU when using only buttons instead of touch screens! With a mouse and keyboard, however, you’ll find that every button is easy to reach and has a large surface area — which means less time getting frustrated while learning how to use them.

Reason #02:

You have more control over what happens in the game. When you tap an app icon on your smartphone or tablet (or click “start” if you were searching for something else), other apps often open along with it that might be taking up processing power. On your computer, however, you can have multiple programs running at the same time while still playing and enjoying OSU!

Reason #03:

You can multitask more efficiently with a mouse and keyboard. For instance, if you’re browsing for something on Google Chrome or reading an article in Firefox when suddenly “Oops!” – there goes your game of Osu!. With a mouse and keyboard, though, games are never interrupted by another program’s pop-up windows. You’ll find yourself able to browse the internet without any interruptions from pesky notifications popping up all over the screen because they won’t appear until after exiting out of what you were doing beforehand.


Q. Can you play OSU on a laptop?

Yes, you can play OSU on a laptop. But it is better to have a full computer for that game! You need an Xbox or a PlayStation 4 to play that game.

Q. Is OSU safe and free?

Yes, it is. The short answer is yes. OSU! isn’t just a ton of fun, but it’s also free to play. You can download it for both iOS and Android.

Q. How is OSU game rank calculated?

OSU uses an ELO ranking system where the difference in score is transformed into a change in rank points. When you beat another team, your new rank is calculated by adding the point difference between you and that other school to your previous rank. To calculate OSU game rank, we take the number of wins and losses. Then, if a team has any ties with other teams, we average out their ranks together. It means that games between two teams are not counted twice in our ranking system.


Osu! is a rhythm game that has been around since 2007. It has over 40 million players worldwide, with the majority of them being from Japan. The game itself can be pretty tough to play, but some tricks will help make it much easier for those who use a mouse and keyboard setup. We discuss all these tips in our article; we hope you will find them helpful.