Key factors to choose the best laptop cooling pad

Now, the question arises, “How does one decide which is the best laptop cooling pad among the various options present in the market?” To answer this question, one must look at certain key factors and then decide which option is best suited for him.

A cooling device developed with the purpose of keeping a laptop cool and thus preventing it from overheating is known as Laptop cooling pad. A laptop has a very compact area in which a number of components are there which produce heat. There is very little space for this heat to flow and go out in the environment. This results in overheating of the laptop. As the size of the laptop is getting smaller, the problem of overheating is getting bigger. Overheating results in damage to various important components of the device.

laptop cooling pad has one or more fans in it which throw the air on laptop thus keeps it cool. In the process, it not only protects the laptop but also the furniture on which the laptop is placed. There are two types of laptop cooling pads – active and passive. Both are placed beneath the laptop. An active laptop cooling pad uses electricity for functioning and has one or more fans that blow air to the laptop and thus brings down the temperature.

On the other hand, a passive laptop cooling pad does not need electricity but contains substances that absorb heat. They are good only for 6-8 hours of cooling time. Active laptop cooling pads draw electricity from laptop only. You just need to connect it to the laptop using a USB port. One disadvantage related to active cooling pads is that there are chances of failure of USB port after some time. Also, as the time passes, the device starts consuming more power and produces heat of its own.

Now, the question arises, “How does one decide which is the best laptop cooling pad among the various options present in the market?” To answer this question, one must look at certain key factors and then decide which option is best suited for him.


One really important thing to understand here is that the most expensive cooling pads might not be the best ones. There are indeed a number of mid-range laptop cooling pads available in the market that gives as good result as expensive ones.


Durability is another very important factor to be kept in mind while deciding on the laptop cooling pad from a number of alternatives. One must look for a pad that is made from good quality material and will solve the purpose for a long duration of time. The market is full of a number of options that lasts for only one or two months before the fan clogs down restricting the flow of air. Also, some cooling pads start consuming more power as time passes because of increased friction and start producing heat of their own.


The best laptop cooling pad will not create any kind of sound. In case the fan of a laptop pad is making a loud sound, it is almost a certainty that it will not solve the purpose of cooing the laptop and one must not consider buying the same. Also, loud sound of the fan can be really irritating and distracting. If your old cooling pad has started making a loud sound, you must replace it at the earliest.


The best laptop cooling pad for you is the one that perfectly fits the size of your laptop. Also, it must not be too big and heavy; else you would find it difficult to carry it along while moving.

Cooling Power

Cooling Power is probably the most important factor to look for while deciding on the best cooling laptop pad. The cooling power of the pad depends on a number of features. A pad with more number of fans will be more powerful in cooling. The position of fans is also important. If the fan is placed below the area where the laptop gets heated the most, then the cooling power of pad will be more. Also, there must be enough space between pad and laptop for allowing air to escape. The material of which the pad is made is another important deciding factor for cooling power of pad.


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