Laptop Performance and Security Tips

Nowadays, laptops are used by every individual. They are as important as mobile phones. There are many different types of laptops with different features available. It is basically a necessity not only for employees to generate revenue for the company but also for the students to get best output for their research and projects given by the schools. The best part is that it can be carried away anywhere so it is being preferred by the people more than the desktops. Laptops are designed to work in any posture and suitable environment; one doesn’t have to move from his or her place to get the work done.

Like everything there are positive as well as negative aspects. They are also thief magnets. According to a report, over 400,000 laptops disappear each year, and others are just lost – left in cabs, at restaurants, hotels, meetings, conferences and events.

Laptops driven or stolen by people are done by the act of benefit. They steal it, sell it and get money. Sometimes people get lucky by getting their laptops back after getting stolen if they had purchased from the very same shop where it had been stolen. But it happens in very rare cases. On the other hand there are some thief’s who stole the laptops professionally. They are called as laptop lifters. Their intention or purpose to steal is either to steal the precious data or the ram details, which contains the source code.

How to secure your Laptop?

Laptops can be secured physically by taking some important tricks in mind like

  1. Applying Cable Lock:

It is necessary for a person to apply cable lock to his or her laptop. Although it can be broken, it contains alarm that will sound when somebody tries to cut the cable. Like for instance one of the employees had left the laptop open during lunch break and someone came to acquire the details in his absence and tried to break the lock, the alarm will ring and the thief will be caught.

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  1. Carrying a Laptop bag and being vigilant

If a person is traveling by metro with a laptop, he must carry his laptop in a laptop bag and he or she should be alert and vigilance by the trespasser as everyone is aware of laptop bags nowadays. It will protect your most valuable thing. Apart from official details people also keep his or her personal details in their laptops or notepads as they consider it to be most closet while applying to bank transactions or emails etc.

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  1. Backing up your data:

One should always keep the backup for all the data of the laptop into HDD, any other device, or cloud because losing the data is equally painful as getting wounded.

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  1. Turning on the Firewall:

Turn ON the firewall when buying a new laptop immediately. Firewall restricts unauthenticated users to access your private network.

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  1. Suspicious Email attachments and websites

Do not open unknown email attachments, it may be a threat or somebody’s has sent it to get access to your system and do not click on any link before ensuring its authenticity. Surfing suspicious sites also has a risk.

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  1. Constantly updating Antivirus software

Only installing effective antivirus software is not sufficient. Today, many new viruses and malwares come into existence daily. So you need to constantly update your antivirus software to ensure your laptops safety from these threats.

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