How to make a Sports Highlight Video for YouTube

man watching sports on tablet

Technology has reached even remote areas where network serviceability was improbable and problematic. Over the past decade, the innovations in technology have been nothing short of a wonder as it has transformed most of the working sectors into the virtual platform. People of diverse sectors like IT, marketing, business, sales, or finance can now work at the comfort of their homes, enhancing productivity. Social media applications have made an ordinary person’s dream of becoming famous without mainstream media possible in multiple ways. YouTube is the best example of one such platform that can broadcast videos to the world to watch without charging you anything.

man watching sports on tablet

The YouTube platform has become immensely popular among the sports lover group, where many highlight videos are uploaded to draw the audience and pull them in. A sports highlight video is nothing but a summary or a gist of the sports events explained in short videos to engage the viewers for entertainment. Highlighting videos are now created for many occasions like capturing a wedding, business conference, getting a scholarship for higher education, vacations at exotic destinations, birthday parties, and much more. It makes the viewers believe that they have taken a peek at the most spectacular event they couldn’t have witnessed otherwise.   

Downloading a video editor software:

Whether you create a football highlight video or a basketball final highlight video, the first thing you would need is a free video editor. The software should be the best available in the market and should also guide you through the whole process of creating an intriguing sports highlight video. 

The editing software will have tutorial videos on using many tricks and cuts on the video and creating a quality product without spending any money. 

The best video editing software on the internet is InVideo. The steps involved in making a sport highlighting video using InVideo software is as follows:

Step 1: Try to include all your photos and video clippings in the Media section.

Step 2: On the sidebar, select the Text option to insert any textual information on the video.

Step 3: On the same menu, click on the Music icon to add some music to intense the atmosphere.

Step 4: Insert other significant elements like slow motion, voice-over, special effects, and much more to enhance the video quality.

Step 5: Make the necessary cuts, trimming, and close-ups required for the video to look even better.

Step 6: Preview the video, check for any mismatches, and save the file on the computer once the entire editing process is complete.

Posting the video on YouTube:

You can now post the edited video on any social media site like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. The audiences are quickly captivated if you create a football highlight video with the necessary elements. 

To capture the most viewership on these applications, execute the following techniques:

  • Include unique keywords on your title, and mention the sport name and highlighting video so that people can easily find your video. 
  • Keep the description brief but explanatory. 
  • After you upload your video, set the privacy settings to Public.
  • Add big tags in your video that are in use by popular sports videos. 


A sport highlighting video is created easily with the latest video editing software but capturing the exact moments that the audiences might enjoy is a developing skill. Try to introduce all the different skills that you found impressive into the video so that some viewers may connect to the video in unexpected ways. Standing out in the massive online platform is a daunting task, but creating a highlighting video with quality editing and personal touches can captivate the viewers on a different level.