Beginner Tips of Laptop Space Management for International Students

student working on her laptop

Whether through Study Abroad or exchange programs, international travel is a significant aspect of many students’ academic experience. International travel offers many advantages, but it also comes with certain risks, particularly when it comes to protecting digital assets such as laptops, cellphones, and mobile devices.

student working on her laptop

This article contains a variety of helpful technical advice and guidelines for international travel. These rules are intended to assist you in protecting your devices and data when traveling, as well as University of Pittsburgh systems and data. Storage service in Eastbourne by STORED provides Beginner Tips of Laptop Space Management for International Students. Some the general tips are given below:

General Instructions

Assume that everything you do on your phone or computer is being monitored

Even while using a hotel or business connection, the information you transfer over a network may be watched. It is always a good idea to imagine you are being watched to change your behavior accordingly.

Never use public Wi-Fi, computers, or devices

Using shared computers at cybercafés, public areas, hotel business centers, and foreign institutions–as well as devices belonging to other travelers–to access University or personal systems protected by a username and password is never a good idea. Free Wi-Fi connections in public places are unreliable and may put your device at risk.

Always keep your device with you

Allow no time for your devices to escape your gaze. If customs or other airport officials remove your devices from your sight, they should be considered compromised and not used even if you will not use your gadget.

Be aware of your surroundings

Be aware of people around you when typing your username and password into your gadgets. Someone may be keeping a close eye on your computer screen and keys.

Change Your Passwords

For all services that you used while abroad, you must reset your password. This should be done for your University Computing Account and any personal email, social media, or financial services you used while on the road.

Maintain the latest version of your operating system in Laptops

All of the newest security patches should be installed on the laptop’s operating system, whether Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Remove any applications that you do not use

Keep only the software you will need for your trip on your laptop. Remove any program that you no longer require or use. If any programs remain, make sure they are patched with the most recent security fixes.

Make sure your browser’s settings are up to date.

After each session, all online browsers should be set to erase your browsing history and cache automatically. To apply these changes to your preferred web browser, contact the IT Help Desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Verify your antivirus software is up to date

Ensure that the laptop has the most recent version of antivirus software installed.

Remove any data that is sensitive or secret

Remove any sensitive or confidential data from your laptop before leaving. It contains student data (grades, comments on student work, and information not available in a public directory) and proprietary data (including unpublished research.

What is the best way for me to take care of my laptop & personal computer?

To keep your laptop in good operating order, you must take proper care of it. If you follow these simple procedures, your laptop will live longer and require less maintenance. As a bonus, several of the processes will keep your laptop running smoothly.

  • Keeping liquids away from your laptop is a good idea
  • The best defense against a virus is to have antivirus software on hand
  • Keep your laptop away from food
  • Keep the LCD monitor safe
  • Pulling on the power cord is not a good idea
  • Do not leave your laptop in a moving vehicle

Wrapping up!

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