Best Ways to Save on DJ Equipment

dj equipment

Saving money is something that everyone wants to do, especially when it comes to buying DJ equipment. There are many different ways to save on DJ equipment. One way is by looking for beginner DJ equipment and cheap deals online, but there are also other creative solutions that can help you get the sound system of your dreams without spending a ton in upfront costs. However, you choose to save on your new DJ equipment, make sure you read this article before making any decisions!

dj equipment

Research the equipment you want to buy before buying it

Before spending money on any piece of equipment, you should do your research first. This is because every DJ setup is different based on the needs and wants of the DJ. For example, a person with just two DJs may not need a mixer like someone who works in four to eight club sets per week. The best thing to do before buying anything is to ask other DJs what they use or research it online yourself so you know what parts are required for your specific setup before shopping around!

Buy used gear – this will save you a ton of money and is usually in good condition

Buying used gear will save you a ton of money and is usually in good condition. Sometimes the only differentiating factor between new and used is the stickers on it, which can be peeled off. The equipment may not have a warranty, but if there were any manufacturers defects that cropped up after the purchase, they would most likely offer their own service plans to deal with it anyway (even if just for peace of mind for future buyers). Exercise caution, some stores will sell old or broken items as “nearly perfect.” It’s a good idea to look into the seller’s reputation and how they do business before buying anything from them. Either way – like any other potential purchase – inquire about warranties and returns before committing to buy. 

Get your hands on a demo unit to try it out first hand before investing in the full-price item

The best way to try out new DJ equipment is in a traded environment. There are many of these places in your local area. This is because everything is costed per hour and you can have as much time as you want to create your mix on the equipment.

The next best thing would be from manufacturers who offer free demo units for people to borrow with the opportunity of purchase should they decide they like it after borrowing them, so long as you return them no more than 7 days after getting them back to 4Hands, (for example). 

Shop around for the best price on what you’re looking for 

It is possible to find plenty of good deals on different websites, and ones that may be more affordable than elsewhere. Read reviews, speak with other DJs, read articles in magazines pertaining to the topic – basically doing your research helps a lot!

If you’re seriously considering purchasing something for DJing purposes, be sure to take advantage of trade shows where gear producers display their latest products for sale. Trade show events are great because you can talk directly with people who work at the company and get honest feedback on what they’ve experienced with their gear. There’s also usually discounts at these types of events!

Consider renting instead of buying if you’ll only be using it once or twice

Renting equipment is an excellent way to go if you’ll be using it for one or two events- you pay a low fee up front, then just return the equipment at the end of your event. It’s much cheaper than buying items that are only intended to be used on occasion.

One advantage of renting over buying DJ equipment is that selected features and capabilities can often be added at any time before use; such “add-ons” might not be included with many keyboards or mixers sold in stores. 

When you’re in the market for new equipment, it’s important to do your research and avoid making any rash decisions. In order to help you make a sound investment decision, we’ve shared few tips that will guide you towards getting what you really need, not just what looks good on paper or is heavily marketed. By following our advice, there should be no problem finding affordable yet high-quality gear of all sorts with minimal effort on your part!