13 Play-to-Earn NFT Games

gods unchained

The gaming industry is currently growing rapidly, and it seems as if it’s set on some booster. Though we all know different types of games as die-hard gamers, NFT games are currently riding high. The gamers are becoming keenly interested in playing NFT games due to the benefits associated with it.

From enjoying different gaming experiences to earning in terms of cryptocurrencies, NFT games are the next big thing. It has generated a lot of buzzes after the dignitaries like Elon Musk, Garry Vee, etc., endorsed them.

Like other cryptos, the NFT’s are also in higher demand and can help you earn huge revenue. Suppose the NFT game you are playing right now hits the peak in the future, then you can sell NFT’s earned from it at a higher rate compared to other digital tokens.

These NFT games are primarily structured to benefit game developers and maintain a one-way value chain where gamers spend money to unlock in-game items. However, with blockchain-based games and distributed applications (dApps), players can enjoy the usefulness and value of in-game purchases and use what is available more efficiently.

Given the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and gaming platforms, some of them have taken the lead. You can get acquainted with the cryptocurrency and its state for the current day on ICOholder.

What is an NFT?

NFT translates to Non-Fungible Token. It is a rare digital asset representing real-world items like music, digital art, in-game things and videos. Similar to Cryptocurrency, NFT’s can also be sold or purchased online.

But what makes them unique is that your NFT’s cannot be interchanged like other cryptos, namely Bitcoin or Ether. The rise in trend of NFT’s has made people spend millions in purchasing digital assets and get bragging rights.

Different Characteristics of NFT’s

Unlike most other digital tokens, NFTs have three different characteristics, namely:

Non Fungible: As the name suggests, each NFT is a cryptographic token representing something unique or irreplaceable, which means it is incompatible with other NFTs. The metadata for each NFT exists as a persistent and immutable record on the blockchain.

Like a validation certificate, this record describes what the token represents, along with a history of token ownership and a transaction record (header).

In contrast, many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other utility tokens are substitutable. That is, one BTC is the same as another, so it is not unique in that sense.

Rarity: The rarity of each NFT is an important factor in making an NFT desirable. For example, in the CryptoKitties game, users collect and raise digital chats, each represented by a specified NFT.

Some of these crypto kitties are considered rare collections, so their asking prices rise among collectors who appreciate their demonstrable rarity. In 2018, CryptoKitty named Dragon was sold for 600 ETH. It was $170,000 at the time.

Indivisible: On the basis of fungibility and the reason to use, you can split other available Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into smaller fragments. At the same time, it is not the case in NFT’s. 

Most NFTs need to be bought, sold, and held as a whole, so they cannot be broken down. A great way to imagine this is through an example, you can’t buy or sell 30% of your car; hence it is indivisible.

Best NFT Games To Play and Earn Simultaneously

1. Gods Unchained

gods unchained
image source: Gods Unchained

The game is available free of cost to play anytime. It is designed to include the NFT elements into the game genre, which is familiar to those. The players in the game can collect cards from other players by directly purchasing them or using their gaming skills to win PVP matches. Often the skills of the player and card quality decide the winner.

Special emphasis is given to skill and strategy. This is because the game uses ranked game modes that match players of the same rating. You win the game when your opponent’s health is zero, in the game. You will gain experience points each time you win.

As soon as the Experience Bar is full, you will advance to the next rank or level and receive a deck of new cards to add to your collection. Please note that the ERC721 token supports each token.

Therefore, you can trade them in the platform’s native or open market. Those who choose to sell tokens within the gaming ecosystem will receive GODS, the platform’s native token, as payment.

Please note that GODS tokens have not been officially released at the time of writing. Therefore, before buying or receiving tokens sold as GODS tokens, make sure that the development team has released GODS tokens to the crypto market.

2. The Sandbox

the sandbox
image source: The Sandbox

This game is a voxel-based metaverse and is currently one of the most active out of all other NFT games where players can create and then sell their online assets. Think of it as a blockchain iteration for popular titles like Minecraft and Roblox. The platform provides tools to create and animate objects and sell them on the marketplace.

Moreover, the players can develop and play custom-made games on The Sandbox. Sandbox 3D has introduced SAND, an ERC20 token, as a native token of the Metaverse. This allows players to purchase in-game items from the platform market.

Aside from SAND, there is LAND; it is also an NFT token that the players can use to purchase the most famous and treasured assets available in the game. In April alone, LAND achieved record revenue of $8.5 million.

3. Battle Racers

battle racers
image source: Battle Racers

As the name suggests, this game is inspired by popular titles like Super Mario Kart and F Zero. The idea is to combine different weapons and parts to create the most powerful car. Players can combine different parts and weapons, which has certain advantages over arcade tracks in various exotic locations and terrains.

Winning cars or rewarded cars can be registered on the blockchain as NFTs and sold as cryptocurrencies on OpenSea. Each player utilizes different abilities and stats and tries to create the ultimate car. You can build your car for raw speed, firepower, and weapons or defensive strength to win over your opponents.

The game can be played in the Decentraland currency, which itself is a blockchain-based virtual world.

4. Alien Worlds

image source: Alien Worlds

This NFT Defi Metaverse game motivates its players to explore other available planets to boost lucrative competition and cooperation among the players. This is achieved by controlling competing for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAO) and motivating players to compete for the Trillium (TLM) needed to access additional games.

By earning the NFT’s while playing Alien Worlds, the players can then take part in ongoing battles, finish in-game missions, and mine Trillium (TLM). Depending on the strategy, players can purchase and assemble the best NFTs for the game. In addition, players can become part of management by directly electing members associated with six planets DAO’s for the position like councilors, which will impact the game’s flow.

5. Splinterlands

image source: Splinterlands

Splinterlands, just like Gods Unchained, is a collectible card game where users can earn by playing. You can earn higher amounts of rewards by winning the card games. To start playing Splinterlands, you must first purchase the Beginner Map Pack, sign up for a Steam account, and publish your purchased map to Splinterlands.

In some cases, you may be lucky enough to find a rare card in your first deck. In addition, there can be several cards of the same type. If so, you can combine the same cards to increase their power or sell one in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Once you get used to the map, you can compete with other players and participate in missions. The outcome of these activities will determine if you will win more cards.

6. Axie Infinity

axie infinity
image source: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity makes heavy use of the Pokemon series as an inspiration and adds its blockchain touch to make the finished product even more enjoyable. In this Ethereum-based game, players raise and collect NFT-based digital pets called Axies, whose primary purpose is to fight other players. Each axis has its genetic fingerprint.

As a result, all of their weaknesses and strengths are passed on to their offspring that are born from breeding them. As expected, these digital pets are tradeable on the Ethereum NFT market, and the price of each pet depends on its rarity and unique characteristics. To begin playing, you have to first purchase 3 Axies. Then, for each Mission, Player vs Player Battle (PVP), and Adventure Mode, you will receive the platform’s native ERC20 utility token, Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

Every time you breed a new Axie, you have to pay a certain amount of SLP. It can also be purchased on the exchange. Axie Infinity ERC20 token is Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) in real which also acts as the governance token of the platform. It will also fix the staking service for games slated for release in 2021.

7. Guild of Guardians

guild of guardians
image source: Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a fantasy-themed RPG with a familiar team of heroes completing dungeon quests, and gathering resources. As with any game, collecting resources allows you to create in-game items that can be converted into profits.

However, as the name suggests, the Guild of Guardians focuses on building communities, in this case, guilds. Guardians cooperate to face the game’s challenges and, in return, receive in-game currency, gems. Game developers also want you to play games for real money without sacrificing other players. Therefore, there are no PVP games in the Guild of Guardians.

Players need to face monsters in the dungeon, so users don’t have to spend money to defeat other players. The game is currently under development. The founder’s NFT is currently on sale and will be launched smoothly in the second quarter of 2022. It’s exciting because there are many big backers for this project.

8. Neon District

neon district
image source: Neon District

The Neon District is an RPG that allows users to collect characters, equipment, and crafts. Just like all the NFT games listed above, Neon District also contains in-game items and characters which are NFT’s and are highlighted in its Neon Zone. As a result, in-game items found in the Neon Zone are essentially blockchain-based digital collectibles. Therefore, you deserve the right to earn revenue through your participation in the game by selling either the gains or bought in-game assets to the rest of the players. 

The objective is to build a team and compete with other players in missions and battles in real-time. Specifically, a competitive multiplayer game mode allows players to compete against each other for a chance to win platform native tokens (neon, gear, coins, etc.).

All you have to do is send your character into a pizza delivery contest to deliver food to hungry citizens. You can also follow a strategy where you surprisingly attack the pizza delivery teams of other players and snatch away their earnings. The entrance named Neon can be used to purchase characters, weapons, parts, armor, juice, and other in-game items needed to upgrade your character.

9. Gold Fever

Gold Fever
image source: Gold Fever

Gold Fever is a jungle RPG where players try to outrun other players to select a character and have a chance to mine gold in the form of the game’s native token, NGL. Like most NFT gaming behaviors, Gold Fever attempts to cause a shortage of blockchain-initiated in-game resources.

You can choose one of the main characters in the game to participate in the formation of a ferocious gold economy. It is competitive. Please note that in-app game items are tradeable.

10. Sorare

image source: Sorare

You’ve probably heard of Sorare, one of the best-selling NFTs on the market today. Sorare is the first NFT game for soccer, the most popular sport in the world. This game appeals to soccer fans who want to take on the role of team manager while continuing to collect encrypted soccer cards.

At Sorare, you can play fantasy football with a team of five digital cards and earn rewards based on your actual performance. There are two types of collectible cards that can be used to participate in various tournaments: regular and crypto. The Community Card is the first free card offered to build a team. Icon cards are rare, super rare, and unique. The maximum limit is respectively 100, 10, and 1 unit per player.

For example, the Cristiano Unique card sold for over $ 100,000 a few weeks ago. They are officially licensed to more than 120 clubs and are the newest club of the famous Italian football club AC Milan. Sorare earns up to $4 million a week.

11. My Neighbor Alice

my neighbor alice screenshot
image source: My Neighbor Alice

ALICE is the native currency in the game My Neighbour Alice, which allows token holders to play, invest, and also be part of the game.

This is a multiplayer builder game where absolutely anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting objects and meet new friends; the game combines the best of both worlds – captivating storytelling for casual players who want to enjoy the gameplay, and an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade game NFTs, I don’t even know what it is. In the game, players could buy virtual lots from Alice or from the marketplace. There are few parcels in the universe, and each one is represented in the form of NFT tokens.

There are in-game assets that can be deployed in-game and bought on the marketplace. Among them: houses, animals, vegetables, ornaments or souvenirs and ornaments – everything for the player’s avatar. When a user buys an NFT in the system, a percentage of the purchase price goes to a special collateral account that is directly related to the NFT. The user then has the option to sell it back to the system (i.e. destroy the NFT) at a price equivalent to the locked collateral (or a percentage of it)

12. CryptoKitties

image source: CryptoKitties

A game in which users can breed cats and trade them for Ethereum. CryptoKitties is a really good way to get to know the Ethereum blockchain. This game runs on five Ethereum smart contracts, and users interact with it through their Ethereum address. Right now, the easiest way to do this is through the MetaMask Chrome extension, which allows you to exchange Ethereum right in your browser. Then you need to go to the CryptoKitties website, which is essentially an interface for interacting with smart contracts for selling and breeding kittens. Everyone can sell their kitten at the auction, specifying the starting and ending prices. For example, if you want to put a kitten on a 24-hour auction with a starting price of 1 ETH and a final price of 0 ETH and someone buys it 12 hours after the start, they will pay 0.5 ETH.

Each cat has a re-breeding cooldown that lasts from an hour to a week. The smaller this gap, the more valuable the kitten is on the market. Each of them has a 256-bit genome, which stores the genetic sequence of its characteristics: background color, cooldown duration, stripes, antennae, hair, and so on. Some of the genes can be recessive: for example, a kitten without stripes can be born striped, amazing, right? Everything is like people.

By the way, there is no “rarity scale” of characteristics in the game. She regardless is determined by the community that “votes on the air”. For example, kittens with a gold background are more expensive than others.

13. CropBytes

image source: CropBytes

This is an online game in which you need to grow fruits and vegetables, spreading your top and improving it; collect them to feed the animals, take care of them and improve your farm, for this you will receive derivatives from them in the form of milk, eggs, and so on, or for sale for cryptocurrency. You can also get crypto in the game for the sale of food, buildings and animals.

This project can be called interesting because it provides trading opportunities. The developer has created a special exchange where you have the ability to track quotes for products received in the game and sell for TRX when you see fit.

The game is designed similarly to traditional crypto exchanges: there is both glass and the ability to create buy or sell orders. Available on IOS, Android, PC, Laptop platforms, and TRON is the blockchain. The more developed your farm is, the more you can get for it. Accordingly, there are also purchases of various improvements in it. A wallet link is required here. You can add or withdraw funds from the game only in TXR.

Final Words

Top 10 Play-to-Earn NFT Games article provides a list of the best money-making NFT games at the moment. Each of these games uses different mechanics to win, but most of the games require an initial investment.

Games with a Play-to-Win mechanism allow users to create value through in-game activities. The reward is an increase in the value of the purchased cryptocurrency, or NFT.

Overall, play-to-earn NFT games do things that traditional video games can’t. In other words, it actually rewards players for the effort and time spent in the game with currency in the form of NFTs.